Cable For Interchangeable Circular Needles/Crochet Hooks


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A neat cable set from Knitpro for 40-150 cm. from tip to tip when cable and knitting needle/crochet hook are connected. The cables are resilient and flexible and are an obvious choice when quality is to be high.

The kit includes a cable, two stoppers and a wrench that is compatible with all KnitPro's interchangeable needles /needles in all materials.

NOTE! Please note that the length of the cables includes the needles:

40 cm (15.7”): the cable is 20 cm (7.9”) long without needles
50 cm (19.7”): the cable is 28 cm (11”) long without needles
60 cm (23.6”): the cable is 35 cm (13.8”) long without needles
80 cm (31.5”): the cable is 56 cm (22”) long without needles
100 cm (39.4”): the cable is 76 cm (29.9”) long without needles
120 cm (47.2”): the cable is 94 cm (37”) long without needles
150 cm (59.1”): the cable is 126 cm (49.6”) long without needles


I really love using these cables. They make knitting so much easier. I have to carry my knitting for different appointments and never have to worry about my knitting slipping off . I can't get enough.


Does the job. Now I just need to learn how to tighten them so they never release from the hook you are using. There is a lot more twisting that happens with tunisian crochet.


My dear friend bought these for the amazing price they are; and they successfully did the job! Truly a wonder as they keep the correct tension.


Got two different lengths and glad I did! It's easy to switch projects and not lose your spot with the end caps that come with each set.


I am using the cord for a Tunisian crochet hook and it is super light weight and very secure.

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