Written by Madeline from @ofbooksandhooks

There comes a time in every crafter’s life where we realize: this random purse just isn’t working for my yarn. 

While some people may think that a bag made specifically for carrying crafty projects is an unnecessary luxury… They’ve also never likely experienced the rage of a yarn tangle mid-project that somehow happened in the five minute walk from your car to the house. 

But I get you. And that’s why I’ve worked hard with Hobbii to help write the ultimate guide to project bags so that you can figure out which one fits your needs. 

The Shoulder Bag for Yarn

The best bits: 

  • Cross-body and handheld leather straps 

  • Beautiful canvas texture 

  • Plenty of internal compartments to keep things from tangling 

  • Easy-access external pockets 

  • Deep enough to hold computers, pattern holders, and more!

This bag turns heads. It’s got a lovely quality and it’s a gorgeous color (terracotta). Everything about this yarn bag screams luxury. 

One of my favorite things about this bag is that it fits my laptop. Bags never fit my laptop as it’s 15”. But on a recent café visit, I could pack my laptop, my notebook, hooks, pens, 2 yarn projects, my charger, my headphones, and my wallet. Thanks to the beautiful internal structure, nothing tangled. 

The cross body strap also makes for a really comfortable fit. I live in a city, so I’m constantly walking places (not driving) so if I’m carrying a bag, it has to be comfortable and help to distribute the weight. This does that perfectly! 

The Ultimate Yarn Bag

The best bits: 

  • Huge capacity, ideal for trips

  • Multiple strap options both long and short

  • Nice interior design 

If you’re looking for a cross between a yarn bucket and a duffle bag, you’ve come to the right place. The second this bag arrived, I turned to my partner and said “this is THE perfect weekend project bag.” 

Why? Because any crafter knows that it’s hard to bring just one project and any bookworm knows it’s impossible to bring just one book. Even when you know that it’s physically impossible to complete more than one in a weekend. 

This bag is beautifully spacious and boasts the ability to fit not just your yarn projects, but everything else you need for a day out or a weekend away. Throw a couple of drinks in and take it to the beach. You’ll thank me later. 

The Yarn Backpack

The best bits: 

  • Laptop storage

  • Excellent inner pockets to keep things organized

  • Sleek design for professional or casual use

  • High-quality canvas interior 

I already use this bag every day. It perfectly fits my laptop and has plenty of space for my projects, books, pens, hooks, and everything else I need (like hand sanitizer, these days). Despite the fact that I can cram loads of stuff into this backpack, it’s really sleek and slim. It doesn't look bulky at all. 

It’s also incredibly durable, so I don’t worry about having items that are too heavy in it, like I might with a cheaper quality bag. 

Finally, one of my favorite parts of this backpack is that it’s got great internal pockets, but a simple and elegant outer appearance. I can bring it to work, to a weekend picnic, or just to the shop. 

The Organizer Bag - XL

The best bits: 

  • Not too big, not too small 

  • Perfect for carrying accessories like gauges, or other bulky items 

  • Soft leather finish  

Don’t let the simplicity of this bag make you underestimate its use. The size is that perfect happy medium between a full project bag, and a little “pencil case” style pouch. 

The great thing about this bag is that it’s big enough to actually carry some of the clunkier items that we need to carry around. I can fit all my hooks, my gauge, my measuring tapes, me row counters, my scissors, and more in here. And there’s still plenty of space left over. 

It’s a great bag for if you’re looking for something to keep your crafting supplies separate but use a normal day bag for all other purposes. 

The Project Bag for Yarn

The best bits: 

  • Lightweight and durable 

  • Great outer pockets, especially for knitters 

  • Open top with the option to zip it up to secure 

  • Long, over-the-shoulder strap 

This is the perfect basic model if you’re looking for your first project bag. It’s durable, has tons of pockets (the outer pockets are ideal for needles) and it’s not too flashy. 

I love this bag in the dark blue color because I don’t have to worry too much about putting it on the grass when I’m at the park or throwing it in the car. The multiple straps make it easy to throw over your shoulder and go, or tote it around. 

This bag is perfect for anyone who needs maximum pockets to feel happy and organized. There’s a place for everything with this one. Be sure to take advantage of each and every one!

No matter which bag you choose, you’re definitely going to be delighted by having a perfect companion for your projects. There’s nothing quite like having a special bag or backpack that’s been designed with your crafty needs in mind. And these all have that going for them! 

Let us know which bag you’ll choose!

Madeline from @ofbooksandhooks is a crafter who loves pairing her two passions: crochet and books! You can see her latest work on her Instagram, and find some free patterns on her website.

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