Sock yarn comes in the most wonderful colours and with most amazing colour shifts. And who doesn’t like to cuddle up on the sofa with warm and gorgeous looking socks, while working on the next project? We choose our yarn carefully and find all our favourite colours in one skein, what a dream! And with that, we start knitting away. The first one is done, the second one follows on the heels 🧦

But this is where the problems for us perfectionists start: The second sock does not look like the first one at all! The colors are staggered, one heel blue, the other one green, not to mention the differently colored sock-tips. Frustrated and with the nagging feeling of failure we throw the socks into the darkest corner of our drawer and leave them there, never to be seen again 😤

These beautiful socks followed our Socks with Cables pattern and are made in our lovely Dolce Sock Yarn.

There has to be something we can do? 

How can we make two almost identical looking socks without having to give up those gorgeous color shifts? 

Easy! Start both socks with the same color 🌈

There are two possible ways of doing so

  1. Start the first sock directly at the beginning of the skein. After the first one is done, unwind the yarn until you find the starter colour of the first sock. That is where you want to start the second one.

  2. Before you start the first sock, unwind the yarn until you reach the first colour shift. There you will start the first sock.
    Before starting the second one, unwind the skein again until you find the first one’s starting colour.
    This method’s advantage is you will minimise the chance of even the slightest colour displacement, resulting in a pair of nearly perfect socks.

Both methods lead to yarn being cut out of the skein. But that is not a problem.

Simply make a new tiny ball of yarn and keep it for later. You can use it as a small repair kit for the socks, if they break, or just for some other smaller projects. That way nothing will be wasted 

The pattern you see in this picture is our scrumptious XL Twisted Tube Socks.

But...what do we do when there is one of those really annoying knots and the color after it does not match the previous one?

Sadly knots cannot always be avoided due to the way the yarn is being wound into skeins. Please do not just work them into your project!

In most cases those knots are tied very loosely. If you knit them, they will most likely become undone during washing and your sock will have a big hole where the knot used to be.

But knots should never stand in the way between you and your perfect pair of socks 😉

Either cut the knots out or carefully try to undo them. After that you will most likely have to unwind the skein again until you reach the previously used color. Then you can continue knitting.

The result will be just as beautiful! And remember, keep the leftover yarn that you cut from the skein!

Have a lovely time knitting socks 🥰

Lots of love,

Vanessa from hobbii

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