Do you want to knit a beautiful summer blanket with us? Then come join us in a common knitting project here! 

Now we can finally reveal our big common knitting project that we’ve been working on: The Step-by-Step Summer Blanket KAL 😍

KAL stands for “Knit-Along” and is about all of us knitting the same pattern at the same time (and in this case even in the same yarn)! 

The cool thing about a common project like this one is that it gives you an opportunity to help other skilled knitting enthusiasts and share your excitement about the knitting process. 

The knitting community takes place in our Facebook event right here (pssst… there’ll be fabulous prizes up for grabs in the event 🏆)

Do you want to join? Then sign up via email here to receive the individual parts of the pattern directly in your inbox every thursday from June 10 and the following 6 weeks 🥳

When? 📆

The Step-by-Step KAL starts on Thursday June 10, 2021 and goes on for over 6 weeks. Every Thursday we’ll publish a new piece of the Step-by-Step Summer Blanket pattern in an email. Sign up here 😎

The timeline is as follows:

Part 1: June 10, 2021

Part 2: June 17, 2021

Part 3: June 24, 2021

Part 4: July 1, 2021

Part 5: July 8, 2021

Part 6: July 15, 2021

You need to buy the Step-by-Step KAL kit to participate. It comes in 21 different colors that you can buy right here.

About the pattern 🧶

The pattern is designed as a step-by-step principle and increases in difficulty. It has a special focus on the new knitter, but it’s also a great summer project for the experienced knitter. The final result is a secret, but the summer blanket will measure approx. 70 x 155 cm (27,5” x 61”) when finished.  

NB! To make sure that the amount of yarn in the kit matches the pattern, you need to hit the knitting tension noted in the first part of the pattern. The recommended needle size for this pattern is 6 mm. If you have a tendency to knit tightly or loosely, we recommend that you also have knitting needles in size 5 or 7 mm . at home when the project starts.
In this blog post we have gathered everything you need to know about gauge swatches. 

About the kit

The summer blanket is knit in a fabulous and airy mixed yarn that’s made primarily of cotton, but also contains wool and acrylic. 

The kit consists of:

  • All the yarn you need for the project

  • A little decoration for your project bag or your needle case

  • A pack of our most popular stitch markers

The total value of the kit: 121 USD 
Your price: 81 USD (save 33% today)! 

Click here to buy the kit.

About the designer? 👩‍🦰

The pattern is designed by our Hobbii Friend, Katharina Müller, who’s behind the Instagram profile @myfavouritestitches. Katharina has specialized in minimalistic patterns for beginners. But at the same time, all her patterns have an element that’ll make it just as fun to make for the experienced knitter 🤓

Win exclusive prizes 🏆

Every week we’ll find the lucky winner of a 50 USD gift card for our webshop among the many participants in our Facebook event who ALSO share a photo of their knitting process as we go. 

You can also win the big main prize of 160 USD for our webshop if you upload a photo of your finished summer blanket on the pattern page on our website. We’re sharing the link for the pattern page here as soon as the first part of the pattern is live 🥳

Share your photos on Instagram 📸

We really want to see photos of your knitting proces! Share them with us on Instagram by using these hashtags: #stepbystepkal #hobbiikal #myfavouritestitches

Have fun knitting! 🧶


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