7 knitting tips for beginners

    How do you get started if you are new to knitting and want to learn? This is what I will try my best to guide you through in this blog post.

    How to Choose the Perfect Yarn for Your Summer Knit and Crochet Projects

    The warmer weather is creeping in for many countries around the world, which means that it’s time to start thinking about summer projects! Hang up those wool scarves and chunky sweaters and get ready for some breathable fibers perfect for beating the heat.

    The Project Bag Guide: Which one is right for you?

    There comes a time in every crafter’s life where we realize: this random purse just isn’t working for my yarn. This is the ultimate guide to project bags that will help you figure out which one fits your needs!

    9 Fun Yarns That Make Crafting Joyful

    Have you ever looked for yarn that you wanted for a specific project but then totally lost yourself in all that fun yarn? You know the yarn I’m talking about. The one you tell yourself is impractical or difficult to work with. Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s WORTH IT!

    6 Of The Best Rainbow Crochet Patterns

    Looking for some new, fun projects? Do you like bright colors? Try one of these! Here are 6 of the very best rainbow crochet patterns, including; a shawl, beach bag, baby wrap, poncho, kids blanket and a cake! Enjoy :-)

    8 of the Best Crochet Hooks and Their Perfect Yarn Pairs

    In this blog post, Madeline from @ofbooksandhooks guides you through a variety of crochet hooks from hobbii.com. You'll find pros, cons and perfect yarn pairings. When you've read this, you'll be one step closer to finding that one perfect crochet hook, you'll just never let go of. Enjoy!

    Wonderland Wrap CAL - FAQ

    Frequently asked questions regarding the Wonderland Wrap CAL - and their answers :)

    6 Great tips For Keeping Your Knitting And Crochet Good Looking For Years

    How do you make sure that your knit and crochet keeps for as long as possible? I will look into this in this blog post so you can enjoy your knitting and crochet for many years to come.

    One struggle, one goal...the way to the perfect pair of matching socks
    Winter is coming! For many of us that means that the sock-knitting season has finally begun. Sock yarn comes in the most wonderful colours and with most amazing colour shifts.And who doesn’t like to cuddle up on the sofa with warm and gorgeous looking socks, while working on the next project?These ...
    The ultimate color guide - Rainbow 8/4 Print

    Do you sometimes have a bit of trouble seeing which colors of our Rainbow 8/4 and Rainbow 8/4 Print go together? We made an ULTIMATE color guide!

    5 tips when working in faux fur yarn
    Faux fur yarn is available in many shapes and colors, but they all have the same thing in common; they can be tricky to work with. To say it like it is; faux fur yarn is not a beginners’ yarn. But if you are up to a challenge, then ...
    This is how you stay motivated to finish your project
    It can happen for even the best of us. We start a new project  highly motivated. But after a while working on the same project, the same pattern, and the same color become boring. In the end, it might even lead to half-finished projects that are just laying around for ...
    10 signs that you are obsessed with knitting
    For a lot of people it is a lifestyle and not only a hobby to knit. You probably spend several hours knitting every single day, and cannot think of anything else besides your beloved knitting project, every time you don’t have it at hand. Below, we have listed 10 signs ...
    Knitting and Crocheting Reduces Risk of Dementia
    American studies show that people with creative hobbies such as knitting and crocheting are on average 75 % less at risk for memory loss.Protects the Building Blocks of the BrainDo you know that feeling, when your shelves and drawers are filled with yarn and you might have bought a bit ...
    How to choose yarn based on the English yarn categories
    You probably know the feeling? You have found the prettiest pattern on a sweater with the design you’ve been dreaming of 😍 You take a look at the instructions and the materials needed to get an overview, and to your frustration you discover that the recommended yarn is not ...
    10 signs that you’re addicited to yarn!
    I’m not addicted! – I just don’t want to stop!Do you ever say something like “I just need to finish this row…”? Or when your friends and family call and ask what you are doing, is your answer almost always – “I’m just sitting and knitting/ crocheting” or “My needles/hook ...
    How to strach your projects - shape and form
    The next holiday is approaching and we love to decorate our homes for Christmas, Easter and Halloween, birthdays or any other celebrations in our lives. But yarn by itself can't always hold its shape on its own and then we have to help it out. I have researched a bit ...
    Choose the right yarn: Yarn from animal fibers / natural fibers
    You probably know this scenario?You have found a really pretty pattern that you want to make, but the pattern is in another language and the yarn that you need is not sold in your country.Or perhaps you have found a pattern among your grandmother’s old pattern collection, and the yarn ...
    Help with Pacifier Clips
    I love crocheting for babies and kids. There are so many wonderful patterns out there that are sure to melt their hearts - even the adults, too 😉I especially love crocheting pacifier clips, because it’s a quick project that has great benefits for a family with little kids. There were ...
    Felted Knit & Crochet Slippers
    I have been looking forward to sharing these news with you ❤️Together with Sys Fredens we have developed 2 patterns for the most wonderful felted slippers. They are without a doubt the most comfortable things I’ve ever had on my feet, and I could just live in them 😍There is ...
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