Written by Madeline from @ofbooksandhooks

When I first taught myself to crochet, I became really excited at the possibilities of creating articles of clothing that were totally customized to my body. One of my favorite parts of making accessories and wearables is that I know it is made by me for me. No size tags or industry standards. Just what I create, and what makes me feel good.

When I started to design patterns, I wanted other people to feel the same thing. To give the chance to others to find a pattern or item that would be exactly what they were imagining and give them joy for as long as they held onto that finished item. Give a taste of the pride that comes when someone compliments something and you smile and say, “Thanks, I made it.”

Tip #2: Start simple

“But… it’s just a simple little thing I put together! No one wants that…”

I hear this all the time when I ask people why they aren’t designing patterns. I find this to be especially common with crocheters. We design little things all the time but never imagine someone else would want to pay for what we’ve created. That’s crazy! 

Or is it? 

Just because something is easy doesn’t mean it holds no value! When I set out to design my sun hat, I also wanted to create something that would help any crocheter at any skill level feel like they’d accomplished something huge! 

Beginners tend to be really limited in most crafts - when I started knitting I found anything but scarves so inaccessible. But beginners are eager and excited! Your “simple” idea could be an amazing confidence-booster for them!

I also wanted to make sure the finished product felt upscale and lovely. That’s where the Hobbii Ribbon yarn comes in. I don’t know if you’ve bought Hobbii Ribbon yet, but if you have you’ll know that the texture is a DREAM. I’ve worked with a lot of upcycled and T-Shirt yarns, but they can be unpredictable in a number of ways. Hobbii Ribbon just has this clean, seamless feel to it that I knew would be perfect for my pattern and perfect for beginners. 

By choosing the right yarn, something that’s almost entirely crocheting in the round with a single stitch suddenly becomes really elegant. 

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid of design

Another major objection I hear is “I have no idea how to design a pattern.” And while I think it’s really important to do a little research… you don’t have to be a designer to make a successful pattern. 

Tools like Canva can help make the designing process simple! When I first started, I used to use Canva for pretty much everything to help save time and make things look nice. Since then, I’ve preferred to use tools where I have much more control over my patterns, but at the end of the day, as long as you’re writing with clarity, the frills are just frills! I know some designers that literally just sell word docs! 

If you’re nervous, my best recommendation is to bring out some of your favorite patterns and ask yourself: 

  • What makes this pattern so easy to use?
  • What little things did this designer do that were above and beyond but made a difference to me?
  • What are these patterns missing that I wish they had?

Before you know it, you’ll start to see patterns and this will help guide your process. 

If you’re truly interested in starting to design your own patterns, I’d recommend always thinking about your end customer. What are their needs? How can you help them feel accomplished or reach their goals? Most things won’t work for everyone, but just like you may craft an item with someone in mind, you should design with the same principle. 

Of course, if you want to get started with designing your very first pattern or have any questions about my own methods, do let me know! You can reach me on Instagram at @ofbooksandhooks.


Madeline from @ofbooksandhooks is a crafter who loves pairing her two passions: crochet and books! You can see her latest work on her Instagram, and find her patterns on Etsy

Ribbon - Hobbii

100% Cotton