I have been looking forward to sharing these news with you ❤️

Together with Sys Fredens we have developed 2 patterns for the most wonderful felted slippers. They are without a doubt the most comfortable things I’ve ever had on my feet, and I could just live in them 😍
There is both a knit and a crochet pattern, and sizes range from 35 to 45. The patterns are of course FREE  😍
For the slippers we used the cozy Woolpower yarn from Happy Sheep that is available in both solid and beautifully variegated versions. 

Find your favorite shade of Woolpower HERE

Felted Slippers Knit 

The knitted slippers are knit on 7 mm straight needles in garter stitch. These slippers are knit in the print version of Woolpowers print version.

A single pair uses 2 to 3 balls of Woolpower depending on the size you choose.

Go to the pattern for felted slippers - knit HERE

Felted Slippers - Crochet

The slippers are crocheted with a 7 mm crochet hook, and I can very much recommend the ergonomic crochet hook from Prym. It’s very comfortable to hold and is great for the thick and wooly yarns because they glide smoothly across the surface. You can find the crochet hook HERE. A single pair uses 2 to 3 balls of Woolpower depending on the size you choose. 

The slippers are crocheted in woolpower color 03 - Anthracite Grey

Go to the pattern for felted slippers - crochet HERE


The slippers are felted in the washing machine at 40°C. You can add a tennis ball or towel to the wash. Add detergent as usual.
Run another 40°C cycle if the slippers are not felted enough. The pairs pictured have been washed twice on 40°C in the washing machine and afterwards they were shaped on the foot itself or on some paper while still wet, and left to dry in shape.

ATT Felting varies from machine to machine.

That was it from me today. I hope you have fun felting slippers, and that you will enjoy them as much as I do ❤️

Kind regards,
Tine, HobbiiDesign