The Holiday Season is lovely! Good times with delicious food, great presents, and lots of coziness. But, to many, it also means worry and stressing about getting everything ready on time. The tree needs to be decorated, presents must be bought and the dinner needs to be made. And when the party’s over, you’re left with a bunch of chores. You need to clean, the needs throwing out, and all the decorations have to be packed back up. Phew!

That’s why it’s very important to take extra good care of yourself and give yourself a breather in January. And what better way to do so than to spruce up your bathroom with some great items that will make your beauty-routine even more pleasant?

It’s easily done with these patterns. There’s something for the shower, makeup and storage. And many of the patterns are made very fast. So, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to give yourself a nice present in January. These patterns also work great as presents for a hostess or for someone you love, who has a birthday after Christmas.

Are you ready? Let the pampering begin!

Cotton pads

This cotton pad works like a normal cotton pad, but, unlike the normal ones, it’s environmentally friendly since it can be used again and again. You can use it to take off your makeup, apply toner, and many other things you would normally use a cotton pad for. When you’ve used it, simply put it in the washing machine.

This pattern is especially easy. Just 3 rounds of double crochets and 1 round of single crochets. Ta-da! You now have a pad. But first, you need to do a magic ring. If you find those challenging, then this is a great pattern to practice them on.

TIP! We’ve made a little video video that shows you how to make a magic ring.

Venice face cloth 

Many people just use their bath towel, or the hand towel by the sink, to dry their face. But did you know that those towels are exposed to lots of bacteria that the delicate skin on your face doesn’t like? That’s why it’s good to have a cloth you only use for your face. This one is just perfect for that.

The cloth is crocheted in a special, single crochet design that gives it a pretty structure. The pattern is easy to adjust in size, so you can make hand towels or bath towels in the same pretty pattern.

TIP! Do you have multiple people in your household who need a pretty cloth or towel? Try crocheting them in different colors. It makes it easy to figure out which cloth belongs to whom.

Ribbon storage baskets 

Spruce up your bathroom with pretty baskets to hold everything (including your crocheted cloths and cotton pads).

The baskets are crocheted using the beautiful knit stitch which makes them look like they’ve been knit rather than crocheted. Ribbon is used as the yarn for these, which makes the baskets extra stable. The yarn is also available in a wealth of different colors, so the baskets will be able to match any bathroom.

Crochet them all in the same color to achieve a minimalistic look. Alternatively, you can crochet them in different colors, like these beautiful blue shades that lead the mind to thoughts of vacation at the beach.

Checker makeup pouch 

A makeup puch is always practical to have at hand. Take your makeup with you into the bathroom or with you in your bag when you’re on the go. This pouch has a good size, so it can be used to hold many different things, like your crochet hooks, for example.

It’s crocheted using our awesome Rainbow 8/4 Glitter Gold – a yarn made from 100% cotton with a thread of metallic polyester, which gives it a pretty, golden shine. If you like silver more, then you can crochet it using Rainbow 8/4 Glitter Silver instead.

Are you not fond of bling at all? No problem! You can also make the pouch with our Rainbow Cotton 8/4, which we have in an astounding 101 different colors. The pouch is crocheted using 2 colors, so there’s an incredible amount of color combinations to choose from.

Everyday Glitter Scrunchie 

A scrunchie is a good thing to have on hand in the bathroom if you have long hair. It keeps your hair gently in place and makes sure it doesn’t get in the way when you need to wash your face, put on makeup or take a hot bath.

You only need 25 grams (0.9 oz) of our Rainbow 8/4 Glitter, so you can make 2 scrunchies from one skein. If you have leftover yarn, you can also make a multicolored scrunchie. It gives the scrunchie a pretty look and helps you get rid of the leftover yarn in your life. 

This pattern is also the easiest on the list. You just chain 20 and gather the stitches in a ring around the hair tie. Then you just crochet a spiral until you reach the right length and gather the ends. Perfect if you want to listen to your favorite podcast or watch your favorite TV-show while you crochet – that’s also a way of treating yourself, right? ;)

So, are you ready to treat yourself a little? 

Psst… We would be so happy if you would share your projects with us when they’re finished! Under each pattern on our website, you will find the button “Photo Gallery”. Here, you can upload a picture and write about your project. 


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