If you’re like me and crochet a lot, I’m sure that you have also encountered problems that make you go crazy!

I have chosen 5 of these common crochet problems, that I’m sure you can recognize.

These are the 5 problems that I most often encounter, and I have tried to find solutions so that they hopefully don’t happen again - but when you crochet, you never know for sure 😉

1. Color change that doesn’t look seamless

We all know it! You’ve started a project for a teddy bear or a ball, where you need to change colors throughout. The problem is that the colors don’t meet up correctly, and it looks silly and sloppy, so you stop.


There is a simple solution to the problem. It’s very common for amigurumi patterns to be written using a spiral technique, but it just doesn’t work well for changing colors. Either you can work with finished rounds instead of spiral, or you can cut the yarn and start with the new color anywhere on the round.

2. Weaving in the ends

Weaving in the ends of your project is not everyone’s cup of tea- but I have met fellow crocheters who actually love it 😱 I don’t understand it, it is the least enjoyable part of a project, especially if you don’t weave them in as you go! I often forget to do it along the way because it’s so boring!


When you change colors a million times and your project looks so unmanageable because of all of the waving ends, remember this simple trick for the next time: Crochet over the ends from the color change as you go so they disappear into the work in the same way as if you sew the ends in with a needle.

3. The project is wavy or forms a bowl - too many/too few stitches

When working bowls or waves, it is usually when you are crocheting a circle or the beginning of a ball. Often you refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem and try hard to crochet further in the hope that the problems of miraculously disappear. It rarely does!


I have learned that the only thing to do is to pull out the stitches until it stops misbehaving 😉 we're currently working on an article about increases with a lot of good tips on how to avoid these problems - stay tuned!

4. Crocheting too tight

Will your washcloth be 3 times smaller than the pattern, or will the adult size sweater suddenly become a children's size? 😉 If so, you are definitely crocheting too tightly. It could also be that you are using a crochet hook that is too small, but other the problem is “just” that your tension on the yarn is too tight. I do it a lot myself, and it can be a difficult habit to break.


You should always do a gauge swatch first, it will show you if you are crocheting tighter than you should for the pattern. If that is the case, you can try to go up to a larger size crochet hook or try to crochet extra loose, although that can be difficult if you are used to holding the yarn very tightly and fighting your way through the stitches.

If you’re looking for a new type of crochet hook to try, I recommend the Clover Soft Touch or Prym Ergonomic Crochet Hook. Both have a really good grip and the yarn slides effortlessly on the hook.

5. The edge looks ugly and uneven

An ugly edge is something I still have problems with. It is especially on blankets, it happens almost always in new patterns. It happens because you put the hook into the wrong stitch, or you simply skip the last or first stitch. Always by mistake, of course! It usually happens when you have to turn the work and start a new row.


If you find that the problem is happening over and over again, try counting each stitch to make sure you have the right number from start to finish. If, like me, you are easily distracted and forget which number you’re on - then use a stitch marker in the last stitch. It's so smart because then you never have to count, and you're always sure to turn around and / or start in the right mask.

I hope that I have put into words the problems and annoyances that you experience! And most of all, I hope that I have given you some useful solutions so that in the future you can get rid of all the frustrations 😉

Best Wishes,

Josefine, Hobbii