I have been in the ''yarn world'' for a while now, which means that I constantly come across new tips and tricks for both crochet and knitting! I have put together a few of my best yarn tips that can make knitting and crochet just a little easier and more fun. There is nothing worse than a yarn end that is unravelling in a finished project, or ugly knots when changing skeins.

My 4 best yarn tips to make crochet and knitting more fun.

1. Pull yarn from the inside

Does your skein also bounce around while you crochet? Mine definitely does! One moment it's on the couch, the next it's rolling around under the dining table! Pull the yarn from the inside instead and the skein will stay put, but be careful to find the end, otherwise you will pull all the insides out of the skein and it can be quite difficult to stuff it back inside.

2. Crochet or knit with two strands a single skein

In the past, I always bought 2 skeins if I had to crochet or knit with the yarn doubled, as I was not aware that you could work with double yarn from a single skein. That resulted in a lot of half skeins that I did not need.

3. Tie the ends together with a magic knot

Do you have a lot of leftovers lying around? I sure do! I often have yarn left over from dishcloths and amigurumi. The remnants are usually too small to be used for a project, but too large to throw away. If you tie the remains together with a magic knot, you can make one large ball of all the remains that you have lying around and create something colorful out of it 😀 The magic knot is also good for when you want to avoid weaving in ends, or when two colors need to be joined.

4. Get a handle on the splitty ends

I work with many different types of yarn, and I absolutely hate when I have a yarn end that is woven in but after use or washing, the end starts to unwork itself or the little ends start to split and poke out. It annoys and irritates my eyes! I have tried different ways to get rid of the splitty ends, but one method has been especially good.

I use a little transparent nail polish on the end of the yarn, and that prevents it from unravelling. I do this after I have woven the yarn into the work and cut the thread but without letting it "disappear" into the work. I give it a little blob and wait until it is dry before letting go.

See the difference between the ends on the left (without nail polish) and the ends on the right (with nail polish). Even if the yarn gets a little darker, it will not be visible at all on an end that is woven into the fabric.

Some yarn types are easier to control than others. Ribbon and 8/8 Cotton often unravel at the ends, I always use this tip on them! But I very rarely need to do it in wool or acrylic.

I hope you enjoyed my yarn tips, and if you have any great tips yourself, feel free to share them in the comments section below. I'm sure many of us will appreciate that!

I wish you good luck with all of your upcoming projects ♥️


Josefine, Hobbii