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Crochet Organizer incl. extra marker pouch


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Complete your storage with this magical organizer. It is packed with pockets and compartments for various things. Furthermore, there is a little mini pouch with a zipper for your small, important stitch markers. This organizer has a neat design with either a solid-colored or flowery pattern inside and the little marker pouch matches the organizer’s inner pattern. All variations have a beige-colored exterior with a magnetic clasp in PU-leather. The material is a delightful canvas cotton, the inner pockets are of a quality cotton, and last but not least, the organizer is sewn with the finest stitches and details.

A quality product that will give joy to many crocheting and knitting enthusiasts.

Material: Cotton
Measurement of the organizer: 13 x 18,5 cm
Measurement of the marker pouch: 9,5 x 6 cm
Colors/variations: Beige - Beige Flowers - White Flowers

Please note that the small sleeves for crochet hooks are open at the bottom to best utilize the entire height of the organizer. 


I bought this pouch because I have crochet hooks of various shapes and sizes, and most regular hook cases have pockets that only accomodate hooks of a certain size and shape. But with this pouch, I can fit several crochet hooks in it, even though they are different sizes. Plus i got the one with the flowers inside, and it’s cute!☺️


This hook organiser is great and holds a lot. The only thing I don’t like is that the ergonomic hooks above about a 5mm don’t fit into the hook slots and you have to keep them in the open slots. That said, I can still store all of my supplies in it so long good.

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