Darning Needle with a Blunt and Curved Tip

Here you get a beautiful darning needle with a curved and blunt tip. The curved tip makes it extra easy to weave in ends on your knitting- or crocheting project. Due to the blunt tip, the needle does not get caught in the individual threads of the yarn, but slides along or through the yarn.

Finally, weaving in ends is a joy!


When I got this as a gift in an order, I couldn't imagine why the bent tip would be of any benefit. But once i started using it, I NEVER use a straight needle for stitching in yarn ends. You just twist the needle a tiny bit to catch some parts of stitches to lock down ends, instead of having to twist the whole PROJECT you are working on to attempt to do close to the same thing. I will NEVER be without this type of needle!!


I have recently learned how to crochet a cover for a rock. the needle come in handy when I must finish it on
the bottom. The rock is about palm size and any where from 1/2 to 3/4 inch. The larger plastic needles might break. I have just finished my 2nd rock. When I finished them, I add a stone, pearl etc. over the first chain and joining stitch. Use it for a paperweight .


This needle is wonderful. I've never owned a needle with a curved tip, but boy do I want more now. It is so much easier to weave in ends with the bent tip than it is with a regular darning needle. I would definitely recommend trying this type of needle. I do find that it is a little bit too thick for lace weight yarn but it works just fine with fingering weight.


I'll be honest. I wasn't sure how this would stack up to my straight metal ones, but since it was a freebie with my yarn order I gave it a go. Let's just say my metal ones aren't getting much use anymore. The curve is perfect for getting those stubborn stitches. Not too curvy and not too straight. It's perfect! Thank you hobbii for the freebie!!


I received this for free when I ordered some cotton kings. This is the best needle I've ever used for weaving in ends or doing seams. The curved tip makes it easy to catch stitches and it goes through very easy. Nice and slick. The eye is also large enough to easily thread thicker yarns. Highly recommend.

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