Zing Double Pointed Needle Set

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This delicious set from the KnitPro Zing series contains the most popular sizes of Zing series double pointed needles. The needles are light and super smooth, so they slide easily through the stiches.

Forget about dull, gray aluminum! KnitPro Zing is a series of leightweight metal, each needle size being characterized by its own neat color with a metallic look.

The 15 cm set contains the sizes:

2.00 mm (Coral)
2.50 mm (Garnet)
3.00 mm (Jade)
3.50 mm (Chrysolite)
4.00 mm (Sapphire)

The 20 cm set contains the sizes:

2.50 mm (Garnet)
3.00 mm (Jade)
3.50 mm (Chrusolite)
4.00 mm (Sapphire)
4.50 mm (Lolite)
5.00 mm (Ruby)

The set comes in a nice black and red case with zipper closure. The perfect set for the sock knitter!

Marena subba

I just got these and they are the first set of needles I bought for myself brand new
I totally love them!!
They are so smooth and beautiful and the colour coding is wonderful and I love the neat carrier which helps keep them safe and gorgeous
As always hobbii have come through ❤️

Alicia Montenegro

I’m very happy with these needles. I’m using all of them and finding them easy and enjoyable to use. The other good thing about them is that the size is stamped on each set making it easy to choose the correct size for a project. I’m currently knitting socks.


Such a great price! I'm happy that I don’t have to worry about breaking my needles while knitting socks anymore! Love that the 5 sets of DPNs come in a zipped case!


I’m in love with my Zing circular sets! So you can imagine my delight when I found this set of double points. The great price is simply a bonus.


A beautiful set of needles: gorgeous colours and lovely to work with. It’s nice to have all your favourite sizes in one handy pack.

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