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Go Handmade

Safety eyes - 10 mm (0.39 in)

10 pairs

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Product information

  • Brand::
    Go Handmade
  • Number:
    10 pairs
  • Material:
    Polystyrene (PS) (The washer on the back is made of Polyethylene (PE))
  • Size:
    10 mm (0.39 in)
  • Certificat:
  • Safety guide:
    Find the link for the safety guide in the text

Safety eyes - aka. Amigurumi eyes - for your handmade teddies and other stuffed toys. You can use safety eyes for all kinds of knitted and crocheted projects as well as sewing projects, and you can even find them in various shapes and sizes here at Hobbii.

All safety eye packs contain plastic washers that you must use when attaching the eyes. BUT, you should always follow our detailed guide to ensure that the eyes are safely attached! You can find video tutorials on this page that will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure that your handmade yarn projects for kids aged 0-3 years live up to the same tensile strength requirements as store-bought products!

Safety requirements that you should read before attaching your safety eyes:

- Before attaching the eye, always make sure that every part is intact and unharmed.

- Melt the washer once the eye is attached. It’s a simple process and only takes a moment. This method ensures that the washer won’t budge. A method often used in store-bought toys.

- Your knitting or crochet tension as well as the yarn type are integral to how safely the eyes can be attached. When making projects for children aged 0-3 years old, you should always anchor your eye by sewing a grid under the washer as well as attaching a crocheted cap around the back of the eye. For reference, see photos and video tutorial.

- Remember to always check the finished project and make sure that all parts are solidly attached, hardy, and secure.

- Check the eyes regularly! Please note that all products experience wear and tear over time. Check the eyes regularly to make sure that they are still unharmed and intact. Creating projects for kids aged 0-3 years is a huge responsibility.

We recommend that you read the instructions thoroughly.

You can find Go Handmade’s detailed safety guide for DIY yarn projects right here.

Psst.. Not sure whether your projects live up to the safety requirements? Consider embroidering the eyes on the toy. It’s a safe and beautiful solution that we also have a video tutorial for on this page.

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Exactly what I'd hope to receive when ordering safety eyes :) The backs are the perfect size and they don't pop off easily like other safety eyes I've picked up in the past.


Great product! The backs fit perfectly - unlike some of the other "kits" I've gotten elsewhere where the backs are either too small or large.


Fabulous! Very easy to work with and perfect size for the baby toys I'm making. A definite keeper in my collection.


Great product easy to use and great price


Awesome product - stays on nicely!

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