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Nova Metal Short Interchangeable Circular Needles

8.6 cm

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Interchangeable short circular needles from KnitPro Nova Metal series. The short tips are designed to fit a 20 cm cable and form a circular needle of 40 cm.

The needles are made of hollow brass pipes, and with their polished surface they are a pleasure to knit with. The innovative design makes it easy to connect the cable to the needles, ensuring a smooth transition between the needles and the cable so that the meshes slide easily and effortlessly over both needles and cables. The ends of the needles become gradually more and more pointed at the end, making them ideal for all kinds of knitting projects - and not least all levels, from the beginner to the seasoned knitters.

The light and strong brass, has several advantages. The hollow needles ensure light weight, which makes the needles quite comfortable to use, enabling you to knit for hours without getting sore hands and fingers. The strength of brass is your guarantee of minimum wear and maximum durability. The streamlined manufacturing process allows the Nova Metal needles to be sold at an extremely advantageous price. KnitPro Nova Metal - the best and cheapest studs in brass

Length of the needles: 8.6 cm
Material: Brass


I first wasn't sure about these square needles, but if you place your fingers right they don't cut in and they hold the yarn well.
the tightners some with the cables, so not a problem for me, also you can use some thicker sawing needles as tightners.


It's true they don't come with a tightener, but...I must have a dozen of those hidden around my room. The needles work great and make sleeves a much easier process, as DPNs always ladder for me.

JoAnn Gosnell

I really like these tips. Work really well on short cables


Fits but doesn't come with a tightener and comes loose as I'm knitting

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