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Lucky Bag Wool - 500 g (approx. 18 oz)

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    500 g

Do you like the excitement that a lucky bag full of 500 grams of mixed yarn brings you? The yarn may be a mixed yarn. Colors, brand, and skein size are completely randomly mixed. You can get a bag with many different skeins, but you can also get 500 grams of the same yarn. All you know for sure is that you’ll get 500 grams of lovely yarn that contains wool. The wool content can vary from 50% to 100% wool. Are you brave enough to see what you’re going to get in your lucky bag? 

Good luck with your lucky bag!

Sarah Evans

I purchased 2 of these at the same time. Both bags were different! In total I got 9 different yarns, two of each kind. After checking the regular price of my haul, it was more than double what I paid. I got 9 yarns I havent tried, and what a deal!
I definitely recommend these lucky bags if you're interested in trying a variety of their yarns before purchasing say, a sweater quantity. I got a range of weights and colours, I'm quite happy with my purchase. I'll definitely be buying more when they are back in stock!


Woohooo! I got my 2 bags of wool in less than a week. All of it is amazing. Between the two bags were several duplicates which affords me the opportunity to crochet a couple of small sweaters and some lovely chunky wool in a perfect color to make a felted trivet for my son's basement dining area. Cannot tell you enough how thrilled I am with this purchase. All of the wool is just lovely. Some fall colors and some that carry us in South Carolina through all the seasons. Thank you!


I ordered 3 lucky wool bags at a savings of 57% off retail price. The bags were thoughtfully curated with coordinating colors and premium yarns that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. About half of the yarns were superwash and the rest are either hand wash or perfect for felting. I have almost enough to make 6 projects: a pair of socks, a Felted chair pad, the Aínsa bandana, the Lacey bandana, the Pearly top and a shawl. I would definitely recommend this.


My bag contained 10 skeins of 50g each. A few tweed delights (with multiples of each colour, which means making a project is much easier), as well as some starlight. There was also one starlight soft, which surprised me, as it doesn't contain any wool (possibly the bins are stored next to each other, or something like that); I quite like the starlight soft, though, so I'm not bothered. All the colours are lovely.


Bought 6 lucky bags of wool and couldn't be happier! Arrived quickly and I was pleasantly shocked to see how many balls were 100% wool! LOVE LOVE LOVE. By my calculations, I saved about 60% on the retail price here on Hobbii, this is amazing for those of us running small knit/crochet tear businesses like we are! Will order again as soon as I can!

~Much thanks! Nicole from @Will O' Wisp Knits

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