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Fluffy Day

Worsted 100% Premium Acrylic

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Yarn information

  • Brand::
  • Content:
    100% Acrylic
  • Weight:
    100 g (3.5 oz)
  • Yarn Length:
    285 m (312 yds)
  • Yarn Weight:
  • Recommended needles:
    5 mm (US 8)
  • Knitting gauge:
    18 stitches, 23 rows to 10 cm/4"
  • Recommended crochet hook:
    6 mm (US J-10)
  • Crochet gauge:
    13 stitches, 17 rows to 10 cm/4"
  • Care instructions:
    Machine wash 30°C (86°F) / Do not iron / Low temperature tumble dry / Dry flat
  • Hashtag:

Here is the most wonderful, soft yarn with just the right amount of fluffiness!

With Fluffy Day on your needles, you can expect a combination of airy and full texture as well as the funky brushed look, which is a must-have right now. The brushed fibers also provide a beautiful richness to the colors, which lasts wash after wash.

In addition to being a budget-friendly alternative to fibers like mohair, Fluffy Day does not contain animal fiber so it is classed as vegan. A great choice if you suffer from allergies or want to avoid animal fibers for other reasons.

Fluffy Day is spun from premium acrylic, which helps to ensure a wonderful end product. There can be a big difference in the quality of acrylic yarn, and Fluffy Day is a prime example of top-quality acrylic.

Fluffy Day is excellent for sweaters, and it simply excels in fluffy cardigans. You can easily knit using two strands and create exciting stripes, for example by only changing one of the colors at a time. The yarn retains its airy softness after knitting and washing, so you get a feather-light and warm garment that will keep you warm during the coldest days of the year.

The yarn is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified (no. 2276-367). Find more information about the certification at the https://www.oeko-tex.com/en/

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I really love this yarn! I used it for amigurumi and it provided really nice texture with a bit of that "furry" look, so it's perfect for animal dolls. The stitches are still very clean-looking and there's a good amount of stitch definition on the right side of projects, but if you want a fluffier look, the wrong side will show that (it's generally a lot fuzzier with this yarn). That makes this yarn very versatile, so sometimes I'll have the wrong sdie out for the animal's head and limbs to show that it's furry...while I keep the right side out for the clothes. The contrast in texture looks great together for such projects!!


A gorgeous light worsted yarn. Easy to crochet with, easy to see your stitches, can be frogged if you do so very carefully and slowly - to an extent, I could NOT frog chains, only stitches - and doesn't look matted or less fluffy after frogging. Can be used with a bigger hook for an airy look, much like mohair (but much easier to see stiches and work with). Not as soft as a natural fiber, but totally soft enough for skin. Halo is nice and fluffy but the fuzziness doesn't shed so if making a hat you dont have to worry about some of the fuzzy bits getting long and tickling. Nice yardage too!


I love this yarn so much! It's soooo soft and delicious to work with, haha. I really like that you can get two different textures from the wrong side (more fluffy) and right side (better stitch definition). It gives you a lot of flexibility for creating the look you want! For instance, I use this same yarn for an entire amigurumi animal doll...and I use the fluffy side to crochet the head/arms/legs, but I use the less-fluffy side to crochet the clothing. It looks great together and it all fits perfectly because it's the exact same thickness/brand of yarn!


I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It is indeed fluffy, but a little thinner than other worsted weight yarns I’ve worked with. I made a shrug with it and it worked up nicely. Best of all, it’s machine washable and you can machine dry on low heat—awesome! Be careful when frogging, as this yarn doesn’t come undone easily and you don’t want to end up with knots. The flip side of that is the ends weave in easily and those things are NEVER coming loose! Medium squishiness, and definitely has that felted or brushed look.


This yarn is so fluffy I have literally caught myself smooshing it against my cheek like a teddy bear, especially when work is stressful. Between this and Mohair Delight, I'm absolutely in love - and Fluffy Day is so affordable, especially when you buy in bulk and/or on sale. Some day, I may try to knit with a strand of Fluffy Day and a matching or complimenting colour of Mohair Delight for an ultimate-comfort pullover, but for now, I'll be working on a shrug for a friend in hospital, using Fluffy Day Petroleum Blue (08).

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