Filling 300g

Allergy-free and odorless fillet suitable for all-day projects like pillows, dolls and teddy bears. The filling can withstand wash at 40 ° C and can be dried at 60 ° C.

Material: 100% polyester

Contents: Approx. 300g

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (287)


I finally finished off my bag of that name brand stuff found in the US and got to plunge my hand into this fil fro Hobbiil. Oh my gosh, I’m never buying another brand again! This fill is heavenly and gets into those Amigurumi nooks and crannies perfectly!


Very light and fluffy stuffing. It doesn't clump up like some stuffing can. What more can I say!? It's perfect for what it is.


This filling is really fine and light, perfect for the tight amigurumi I make. Much finer and nicer quality than polyfil!


Love this product! So easy to use, just purchased another bagful!


Love it! Makes perfect stuffed animals for the kiddos.

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