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Go Handmade

Blouse - Classic

Pattern: 3 mths. 6 mths.
Go Handmade Tencel: 200 g 250 g
Needles: 3,0 and 3,5 mm
Double thread: 3,5 mm/26 m/10 cm

Good to know
Go handmade’s collection is developed and handcrafted by the expert hands of passionate knitters.
All are knitted to meet what we find is a medium tightness and what suits the article.

Needle size and tension
Knitters knit very differently: some knit with a needle size
2,0 mm and obtain the same size of design quality as a
person who knits with a needle size 4,0 mm. We owe this
knowledge to the team of knitters who join us.
The key to knit a specific size is a lot about the knitting
style/hands/skills, rather than the size of needles.
Therefore, we will recommend a range of needle sizes.


Made this for a friend’s granddaughter, she is 3 months old. She loved it, I wish I could figure out how to make it in bigger sizes

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