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Felting Wool for Felting

The main characteristic of felting yarn is its high insulating ability after felting, making it a great material to keep you warm. At Hobbii you can find felting yarn made of 100% wool and wool-alpaca yarn blends. Felting yarn can also be used for knitting and crochet, as well as of course felting. There are, therefore, many possibilities, when using felting yarn.  

The Benefits of Using Felting Wool

The main benefits of using felting yarn is that the material is always temperature regulating and can absorb up to 35% moisture without making it feel wet or cold. This is because the yarn is made of either 100% wool or a wool blend. It is, therefore, a great yarn to use if you are making clothing for use in cold climates, because it will keep you warm. Another important benefit of felting yarn is that it is often only washed and has not been treated with chemicals for dyeing. This enhances the yarns natural qualities and gives it a better texture. One of the fun qualities of felting wool is seeing the amount of yarn before and after felting. It is unbelievable how much the yarn can change.     

Felting Wool for Extra Warm Felting, Knitting or Crochet Projects

Felting yarn is a type of yarn that can be used by both children and adults. You can use felting yarn to make comfortable and extra warm mittens, hats, slippers or make a felted tea cosy and coasters. Your feet will definitely thank you if you choose to make felted slippers for winter. Felted slippers are great at keeping your feet warm. Felting yarn can, however, be used for so much more than felting projects, so you can easily get started with scarfs and sweaters using felting yarn. Yarn for felting can also be used for traditional knitting and crochet projects, so it is a great yarn with many usages. 

Buy Felting Yarn Online - Easily and Quickly

At Hobbii.com we want to the best and fastest in the supply of felting yarn and yarn accessories. Therefore, you always get your goods within three business days after you order it online. We take pride in keeping a high standard in our customer service and you can always call us if you have questions about our products. We always provide full return on goods ordered via our webshop.

Contact Hobbii.com

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our felting yarn or need help ordering. You can contact us via our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call us at  00 45 31 86 33 57 or email to support@hobbii.com. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer. 

What our customers say about Felting Wool

Marena Subba

I just got my delivery of this yarn in dark blue and am very happy with it. I bought it to use with one of the printed ones of the same brand, as a contrast. All the colours are lovely. The skeins are so beautifully soft and will work up very nicely into a long cardigan.


Very happy with this yarn. Knit a sweater for my mom's christmas present and it knit up easily and quickly. No knots or tangles either!

Margaret Blea

Love the color, need that same color to finish my project, when will you have more

Amanda BIllmire

Gorgeous colors and perfect for felting. This yarn is a dream to work with!


Beautiful yarn, easy to knit with and super fast shipping. Will buy again.

Cathy Hobden

Just what I was looking for.the staff very friendly and helpful thank you

Jane Thomas

You can never be sure what the yarn you ordered online is like. But once again Hobbii has provided a beautiful pure wool yarn. The colour is just what I wanted, the feel is beautiful and the price amazing. I will be ordering more when my hiatus is over.


Lovely yarn, easy to work with. I am making a throw for my cousin, she's getting married. I wanted a nice yarn without spending a lot and this is going to so pretty. I can't wait to finish, so I can buy more!


Snowstorm makes the best little felted bowls. I crochet it very tight and then felt it. The little bowls are great for rings or storing little items.

Simone MacIver

Love the yarn recieved yesterday and started to make a touque for hubby it is kniting up just GREAT

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