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At hobbii.com you can buy all the yarns you want at competitive prices. We take pride in finding new exciting products for you and your projects or knitting recipes. Surely, we have the kind of yarn you need, whether it's the lighter yarns for your spring and summer projects, or the slightly heavier wool yarn for hot sweaters for the fall and winter season. Our yarn range is carefully selected, so you are sure to have yarns of the best quality and at great prices, for any knitting or crochet project. If you click on the individual yarn types, we have attached suggestions for recipes that exactly match the type of yarn that is about.

Cheap Yarn for Your Next Knitting and Crochet Project

Here you can buy your knitting yarns easily, fast and cheap, plus find the yarn you need for your knitting pattern, whether it's the thick wool yarn or the soft alpaca or merino wool you're after - or maybe it's the silk soft baby yarn? The range is large and there are also organic yarns and natural yarns in the assortment.

Which Yarn Should I Choose? 

Yarn can be made of both synthetic and natural materials. Many yarns are produced in a mixture of materials, to get the benefits from several materials. The most common yarn materials are cotton, wool and acrylic but you can also buy yarn made of linen or bamboo yarn.   

At Hobbii we have a wide selection of high quality yarn. We have everything from the softest alpaca and merino wool to the more traditional cotton yarn, as well as durable sock yarn and ribbon yarn. What yarn you should choose depends on the project you are planning to make, so try to think about what you want to knit or crochet. Cotton is, for instance, good for dishcloths and summer clothing, whereas wool is better for winter and organic yarn is good for children projects. Below you can see an overview of the benefits of our most popular yarn types and what projects they are especially good for.

Our 4 Favorite Types of Yarn

Cotton Yarn

Cotton is a soft fibre, which grows around seeds of the cotton plants. It is a very popular material to work with, because it can be used in almost all knitting and crochet projects. You can make everything from summer clothing to childrens’ toys with cotton yarn. When compared to other yarn types, cotton is not as strong as silk and linen, but more durable than wool. 

Mercerized Cotton is cotton that has undergone a process of mercerization to improve the yarn. The process makes the yarn a little more shine, but it also makes the yarn stronger and softer. Furthermore, the process of mercerization improved the yarns ability to absorb dye. Clothing made of mercerized cotton yarn maintains their natural shape for longer and does not shrink, as much as normal clothing made of cotton.    

Cotton Yarn has many valuable properties. If you, for instance, use yarn made of 100% cotton the item you create will be very soft, and, therefore, very comfortable to wear. 100% cotton is also a good yarn to use for people with allergies. Cotton yarn is great for knitting and crocheting ponchos, shawls and blouses, because cotton is good at keeping warmth. If you are looking for a different style, you can choose one of the many yarn blends made with cotton, and get a result that looks different and is very durable. There are many cotton yarn blends to choose from, as cotton can be mixed with everything from silk to wool. 

If you are new to knitting and/or crochet, we recommend using cotton yarn to knit or crochet small squares, to learn the techniques. You can, for example, easily make a homemade and organic dishcloth or potholder using organic cotton yarn.

Take a look at our many knitting and crochet patterns using cotton yarn

Wool Yarn

Hobbii’s selction of wool yarn contains everything from alpaca wool, merino, mohair and 100% virgin wool. A common benefit of all these wool types is their amazing ability to keep you warm. Yarn made of wool can look very different depending on the breed of sheep, but alle wool can be used for both knitting and crochet, so there are endless possibilities. 

There are many benefits of using wool in your knitting or crochet projects. Firstly, wool is a naturally temperature regulating material, which can absorb up to 35% moisture without feeling cold or wet. Secondly, there are many wool types that are itch-free, and feel silk-like and incredibly soft. 

  • Alpaca wool is the softest and finest wool you can get. This type of yarn is very light, 100% itch-free and free from chemicals, making it a very hypoallergenic. Alpaca’s temperature-regulating qualities makes it a great yarn for sweaters, mittens, hats and scarfs. Yarn made of 100% alpaca wool does not keep its shape very well, which is why we have a great selection of alpaca yarn blends that are mixed with other materials that strengthen the yarn, so that your creations will stay in the shape you created them in. 
  • Merino wool is, like alpaca, extremely soft and 100% scratch-free. This type of wool is often used for 
  • underwear and sports clothing, as it is both temperature-regulating and odour-resistant, which prevents you from smelling even when you are sweaty. Merino wool is also very popular if you are planning a knitting and crochet project for children or babies.
  • Mohair consists of thin, smooth fibres from the Angora goat, which are gathered and combined with another fibre, such as wool, polyamide or silk, during the spinning process. The fine loose fibres give the yarn a highly insulating ability, while maintaining its temperature-regulating qualities. Mohair is recognisable by its fluffy look, which is what makes mohair so luxurious. Mohair is often combined with another yarn type in knitting and crochet project does because of its thin thread, but you can also make very light and beautiful summer cardigans or shawls with only mohair.

At Hobbii we have many knitting and crochet projects made with wool.

Acrylic Yarn, Polyamide and Polyester

Yarn made of synthetic fibres, such as acrylic yarn, has been criticized for many years. It is often believed to be hard and itchy, but this is luckily not the case anymore. Technology advancements have enhanced the quality of many of these synthetic fibres. There are now a wide range of high quality synthetic yarns that are as soft as silk and others that have exciting special effects that can spice up your knitting and crochet creations, if you think they need a little something extra.  

A common characteristic of acrylic, polyamide and polyester is their ability to maintain the same color for a long time. You can wash synthetic yarns many times without it losing color. Of all yarn types, synthetic yarns are the most durable, because the shape and color will remain relatively unchanged regardless of how many times they are washed.   

One of the main benefits of using synthetic yarn is that it is hypoallergenic. If you are knitting and crocheting clothing for someone with allergies, then you can easily use yarn to ensure that there won’t be any allergic reactions. Some yarn types are made of 100% acrylic yarn, but there are also many yarn blends combining, for instance, acrylic and cotton. 

If you are new to knitting and crochet, synthetic yarns are great to start with, because they are not only easy to work with but also cheap, so you can get a lot of practice. Take a look at our selection of free patterns for knitting and crochet, many of which can be made with acrylic yarn. 

Ribbon Yarn

Tape and ribbon yarn has become a very popular yarn material, because of its many creative possibilities. The yarn is very nice to work with and also very fast, so your projects will be complete in no time at all. It is, therefore, a great yarn to use for beginners, who want to try larger projects that do not take too long to make. 

We have tape and ribbon yarn made of cotton, as well as ribbon yarn made of a combination of cotton, polyamide, polyester and viscose. Choosing a ribbon yarn made of 100% cotton means the result will be a little more soft and smooth, whereas ribbon yarn made of several materials will make your creation more stiff. Tape and ribbon yarns are great for home decor projects, like blankets, pillows, flowerpots and baskets. It is likewise great for making beautiful handbags. Regardless of what quality you choose, the yarn is very practical and can be easily machine washed at minimum 30 degrees. Download our free patterns, and get inspiration for your next knitting or crochet project made with ribbon yarn.

Become a yarn expert and learn everything there is to know about knitting and crochet from the inspirational Hobbii’s knitting and crochet blog. Here you can discover tips and tricks, read more about yarn types and learn how to wash your yarn creations properly.   

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You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our yarn or need help ordering. You can contact us via our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer with us.

What our customers say about Yarn

Linda Moore

The Rhodolite is stunning! I'm in the middle of a project so haven't started working it, but I am intrigued. I haven't worked a cotton yarn with this construction. My guess is that it will be an incredible stole. I love rhodolite garnet, and this yarn has the same luscious shades. By the way, your colors on the web site are so close to the real life colors which is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Gregory Stuart

I received my Cotton King “Imperial Garnet” and I’m not sure I can accurately describe how beautiful the yarn is. After one day of playing with it I’ve now ordered several more cakes in both the King and Deluxe Sultan line. I was very hesitant to work with plied yarn but it’s really so easy. The yarn is vibrant, soft, and feels very soft while crocheting. Can’t say enough good about it so far!!


I love the colors. I love the little Start Here tag. It's awesome, no nightmare of yarn barf trying to fish the end out from the center. I ordered 4 cakes in Rock Crystal, Golden Beryl, Tanzanite and Imperial Garnet. I have started making a shawl with the Golden Beryl. So far it's turning out dainty, flowing and soft. Love it. Will order more once I am able to manage my yarn backlog better.

Hannele Huigens

Received the Imperial Garnet and I am so impressed with the colours and the feel. This will work up beautifully


I knit mainly socks and this was my first time ordering with HOBBII. Very seldom do i buy grab bags, however this was a very convenient and economical way for me to test the assortment for possible future purchases. Out of the twenty or so different sock yarn offers from HobbII, I got thanks to this offer nine to try out. Before that I had only used Nordlys before. I had ordered on 12/29 pm and the product got delivered on 1/11. I was somewhat worried about the wool being shipped in a bag, but everything came in great condition. Of course there were colors in the bag that may not be my first choice, however as a sock knitter I discovered there is always someone that will love the colorway that made me sigh. I already casted a pair on with Antartica and the wool fells really nice and knits up nicely. I am very glad I made this purchase and will definitely purchase again. What a great deal, Thanks


This is top-quality 40-wt metallic thread, suitable for use in sewing and also as an enhancement to a crocheted or knitted project. I wound it together with a skein of non-metallic yarn. They did not twist together, so I needed to crochet more slowly and be alert for any dropped thread in the stitches. Ripping out stitches is tedious. Untangling the yarn is like untangling a spider web, so it's best to work slowly. When winding a cake of yarn plus this thread, place the thread spool in a horizontal position (I used a small jar to hold it) to let it come off the spool normally. A vertical position will definitely cause twisting and kinking. There were no knots or breaks in the thread.

Wendy Chambers

I brought this 4ply cotton to make dish cloths. I brought 2 colours that go together and knitted granny square dish cloths. They knitted up so nice and look good. I got the cotton on special so it was a good deal. I make dish cloths and crocheted market bags to sell and give away as gifts. I take a bag and a packet of dish cloths to friends when I visit. This is the way I advertise my products by word of mouth. People can’t believe that I get my cotton from Hobbii as I live in New Zealand a long way away but the service is so good freight is reasonable it is worth buying from Hobbii. I have recommended your company to other friends that knit and crochet


I recently purchased 3 cotton 8/4 wonderbags this was my first ever purchase of products from Hobbii, since I'm from Australia I was unsure how, or how long it would take to arrive. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and range of colours in the bag. I suffer from Parkinson's and cannot visit the shops I would like to, but with the Hobbii shop at my fingertips just with my tablet or computer I can access all the craft products right there in my wheelchair and get it delivered to my door. On top of this convenience is the 1,000's of free patterns included at the same site again with just the click of a button.


I love everything about this yarn. I have bought several of the colour choices and I love them all. I also love the feel of this yarn as I am working with it and the completed items. I live is Queensland and cotton is much preferable to any other yarn for our climate., but this yarn is much softer than many of the other cotton yarns I have tried and at a great price which encourages me to keep buying more. I currently am knitting shopping bags, purses for eye glasses, hand towels and wash cloths. For the cooler months I knit hats, neck wraps, shrugs, wraps and rugs. This yarn is suitable for all of them.


This thread is perfect as a carry-along strand when you want to add beautiful sparkle to your project. It creates a lovely effect and I love that it comes in such a wide variety of colors as you are certain to find a color to match, contrast, or simply add pop to your project. The generous yardage is fantastic too as normally I would have to buy up to 10 spools of metallic sewing thread, each at the same cost as 1 spool of this thread, to add the sparkle to a project. Thank you for offering such a great product at a great price!

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