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Baby Snuggle Solid - Hobbii

Super Bulky100% Polyester

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Worsted100% Polyester

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Super Bulky100% Polyester

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Teddy - Go Handmade

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Bohème Velvet Fine - Go Handmade

Fingering, Sock100% Polyester

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Curly - Go Handmade

Sport59% Polyester, 12% Nylon, 29% Acrylic

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Super Bulky100% Polyester

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Happy Chunky Double - 50g - Go Handmade

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Wolong Sock Yarn - World of Yarn

Fingering, Sock63% Acrylic, 30% Bamboo, 7% Elastane

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Embroidery Yarns 6-pack - Go Handmade

100% Polyester

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Wolong Color Pack - World of Yarn

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Soft Raggi - Järbo

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Nora Madeira Effect Yarn - Madeira

Fingering, Sock

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Bumbo Air - Bumbo

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Rainbow 8/4 Glitter Gold - Hobbii

Fingering, Sock95% Cotton, 5% Polyester

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Rainbow 8/4 Glitter Silver - Hobbii

Fingering, Sock95% Cotton, 5% Polyester

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Yarn Made of Polyester

Polyester is a popular material, which is often used in many knitting and crochet projects, because it is durable, elastic and sustainable. 

Polyester yarn is a type of yarn that is very practical to use, when knitting or crocheting items for everyday use, such as hats, sweaters, blankets, teddies and cardigans. This is because it is a very easy material to clean. We have a wide selection of yarns made of either 100% polyester or polyester yarn blends. For example, polyester is often mixed with cotton to make it more durable. 

Polyester yarn is a type of yarn that you can enjoy working with for a long time. It is not hard to work with, when knitting or crocheting, so even if you have had a long day, you can easily sit down and knit or crochet with polyester, without worrying about the material being difficult to work with. 

The Many Benefits of Polyester 

Polyester is durable, elastic and very breathable, which makes it a great yarn material to use for baby clothing. This is one of the main differences between polyester and other synthetic yarn types that are usually not very breathable. If you want to be sure that your knitting or crochet project maintains its shape, you need to look for yarn blends made of cotton and polyester, because this yarn blend has a smaller tendency to curl and is machine washable.  

If you, like many others, have allergies, then polyester is a great choice of yarn, as it is a material that does not annoy your skin and, thus, great for people with sensitive skin. 

Buy Polyester Yarn Online - Easily and Quickly

At Hobbii.com we want to the best and fastest in the supply of polyester yarn and yarn accessories. Therefore, you always get your goods within three business days after you order it online. We take pride in keeping a high standard in our customer service and you can always call us if you have questions about our products. We always provide full return on goods ordered via our webshop.

Contact Hobbii.com

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our polyester yarn or need help ordering. You can contact us via our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call us at  00 45 31 86 33 57 or email to support@hobbii.com. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

What our customers say about Polyester


This yarn comes feeling like a teddy bear already, it’s so soft and easy to work with. I wanted to make teddy bears to donate to the children’s hospital and this being 100% polyester and fluffy was perfect (cancer treatment patients have some restrictions on what materials they can have or wear and this meets the criteria). As happy as it makes me to use I hope it will also make them happy to cuddle with. I will definitely have to buy more!


I have not actually started working with this yarn, but I know it is extremely soft and polyester so it will be excellent for rag dolls and oncology hats. Thank you so very much for my little treat. That is my reward for finishing my projects. You are incredibly awesome!


I just got around to opening the package that contained this yarn and I had to drop all my other projects and start on the basket weave pillow pattern that is available from Hobbii. This stuff is so soooo soft and easier to work with than I had expected. I was working slower with it than I work with other yarns, but am very pleased that it doesn’t fall apart when I have to tug it a little to get into a stitch. Again, this stuff is so soft. It’s a wonderful pleasure to work with!

bev Schwedes

I just love the Fur Lux Yarn , of all the yarn I have ever used in my life time [ and I'm 76] it would have to be the best of all . As for the curved needle it is a gem. I am going to buy more of the yarn and use it to knit teddy bears I intend giving the curved needle to my knitting friends in a Christmas card at Christmas, I know I would think " wow" and hope they will too

Evelyne Sawyer

This yarn was a joy to knit with.I wondered if I would be able to match the pr.of socks that I made. well, they came so close, that I possibly was the only one that could find a difference.These will make some person happy this Christmas and I am going to make myself a pr. as well and not even worry about matching. Either way, the blending of the yarn is fabulous.

Michelle McDonald

I have just received my 2nd order and am so happy with the beautiful wool the customer service I have received and the cost for the wool and shipping is fantastic. Thank you so much Hobbii ,I will continue to order with you. Also your colour charts are so close to the actual colour,I was worried when I placed my order but they are perfect.


I knitted the Cozy Socks pattern with the Teddy yarn and they turned out awesome! Teddy knits up into the softest socks you can imagine. They are a little thicker than similar socks you can buy at the store and even softer! The only drawback is that they may be difficult to fit into tight fitting shoes.

Rita John

I love this product. Amazingly soft. I did a lovely blue blanket and my husband felt it and said, “Make me a scarf in that material.’ It was worth the wait as I live in the US. I can’t compare this to anything else I have worked with as it is so soft.

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