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Diablo - Hobbii

Lace weight40% Acrylic, 30% Mohair, 30% Polyamide

$3.15  $5.49
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Super Kid Silk - Mayflower

Lace weight76% Mohair, 24% Silk

$7.80  $10.50
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Diablo Glitter - Hobbii

Lace weight37% Acrylic, 31% Polyamide, 28% Mohair, 4% Polyester

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Diablo Wild Print - Hobbii

Lace weight40% Acrylic, 30% Mohair, 30% Polyamide

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Diablo Multi - Hobbii

Super Bulky40% Acrylic, 30% Mohair, 30% Polyamide

$6.70  $11.49
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Mohair Delight - Hobbii

Worsted50% Mohair, 50% Acrylic

$5.10  $7.49

Kid Silk - Hobbii

Lace weight70% Kid Mohair, 30% Silk


Super Kid Silk Print - Mayflower

Lace weight76% Mohair, 24% Silk


Mohair Wool - An Exclusive Yarn of the Highest Quality

Mohair is considered to be one of the most luxurious yarn fiber. The yarn consists of thin and smooth fibers from the Angora goat, which make the yarn strong, glossy and dirt repellent. Mohair is a wool type that is increasingly used in knitting and crochet because of its extreme softness and beautiful results. 

Mohair Yarns Many Great Qualities

Mohair is not a traditional yarn type, as it is often mixed with others yarn materials, such as silk, wool or polyamide, to make it more durable. Mohair yarn is known as “the diamond” amongst natural fibers, because of its glossy unique look. However, this yarn is not only popular because of its light fluffy thread, but also because of its temperature-regulating and highly insulating abilities. Thus, if you want to create something that looks exclusive and luxurious then you should get some mohair yarn. 

Knitting and Crochet with Mohair Yarn

Mohair yarn is very easy to work with and usually results in very fine creations. The most popular items to knit or crochet with mohair yarn are clothing, such as cardigans, thin blouses and shawls. Like merino wool, it is very important to follow the washing instructions of the mohair yarn you buy, which is usually hand washed at 30 degrees. It is, therefore, not machine washable and washing it in a different way may negatively influence the durability of the yarn. 

Buy Mohair Yarn Online - Quick and Easy

Here at Hobbii we want to the best and fastest in the supply of mohair yarn and accessories. Therefore, you always get your goods within three business days after you order it online. We take pride in keeping a high standard in our customer service and you can always call us if you have questions about our products. We always provide full return on goods ordered via our webshop.

Contact Hobbii

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our acrylic yarn or need help ordering. You can contact us via our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call us at  00 45 31 86 33 57 or email to We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

What our customers say about Mohair

Velma Johnson

This was my first time working with Mohair. I loved how the yarn worked up. So soft and elegant looking. I made a newborn romper and bonnet in a flash. I was surprised this yarn did not tangle. Congratulations on a very nice product I will be purchasing again.


I totally love working with mohair. I use three strands at a time, because I love to combine colors to create unique scarves for my daughters. Puff balls are so cute to make, also!


Great colours and really good price for a mohair yarn. I love it as an alternative to mohair/silk blends.


It's lovely and soft, and even unknits fairly easily for a mohair, but I it was too thin for the project I had bought it for.


This last lot - I have not got yet.!! But, I already have some of this Kid silk. and its stunning to work with, and looks great with a few beads sprinkled over it. Makes lovely evening wear.


This yarn is exquisite; the 30% silk composition makes it supersoft and very comfortable to knit on its own, double stranded or with another yarn. I hope they extend the colour range


I definitely want to get more of this I have some experimenting with ideas for this yarn. It is so soft, fluffy and luxurious.

Karen Larsen

Beautiful yarn in a fabulous array of colours. I will be combining it with a fingering yarn to get a dk weigh for a shawl.

Rachelle Crosbie

I haven't knit with it yet but it arrived promptly and the colour is exactly what I expected; can't wait to knit with it!

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