Flax Yarn

Lina - Järbo

68% Cotton, 32% Linnen


Arezzo Lin - Hjertegarn

29% Linnen, 37% Cotton og 34% Bamboo

SAVE 19%

Spring - Mayflower

69% Cotton, 31% Flax

$5.70  $7.00
Flax Yarn

What our customers say about Flax Yarn

Marena Subba

I got that a for a summer top and I think it was a good choice. The yarn is reasonably soft and knitted up it has a springy quality I find intriguing. I think the top won't be clingy when I finally get to wear it, which is nicer on a hot day. I also really like how the colours look when knitted. I suspect I will love the finished product.

Carolyn Syhre-Bracchi

I bought this out of curiosity. I’ve never used linen yarn. The skein doesn’t feel as soft as the cotton yarn - I’m going to make a short sleeve top from this yarn. I bought mole brown, it’s a nice medium light brown.

Robyn Nicklen

I was so oleased with thus product l ordered some more in the black to make a summer top...l am so looking forward to making it and wearing it....thanks do for this great bright yarn love the sparkes of color....

Anna Wiley

I love this yarn with all the colors. It takes getting used to when knitting to not separate the ribbon from the yarn. It makes for a thicker texture. Would love to knit a sweater with this yarn.

Crystal Roy

When i saw the colors, I was so excited about this yarn, but then I felt it. Way too rough on the skin and very uncomfortable when crocheting it up in a sample swatches.

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