Viking of Norway

Sportsragg Stocking Yarn - Viking of Norway

Sport60% wool 20% nylon 20% acrylic

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Nordlys - Viking of Norway

Fingering, Sock75% superwash-wool 25% nylon

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Alpaca Bris - Viking of Norway

Bulky60% Alpaca, 11% Merino Wool, 29% Nylon


Viking of Norway has existed since January 2007 and they have their headquarter at Oltedal in Rogaland where they sit in large, beautiful, traditional textile rooms from 1908. The name Viking of Norway relates to an old, local viking story. The battle of Hafrsfjord is a big part of Norway’s history and was fought between Harald Hårfager and other kings. The battle is seen as the definitive fight in Harald Hårfager’s unification of the land of the West and thereby also Norway.

Viking of Norway consists of many key persons with many years of experience within textile production, product development and Norwegian design. Viking of Norway was the first Norwegian company that launched the popular and incredibly soft milk yarn.

The many qualities of Viking yarn

Viking yarn is often used by us in the Nordic countries since it is available in various kinds of wool (Merino wool, Alpaca, Australian wool etc.). Thus, it is especially great for the Nordic climate since it provides us with a lot of warmth and protects us against the cold.

Yarn from Viking also includes the amazing milk yarn, which is soft as cotton-wool, and has the same qualities as silk and wool. Furthermore, it is also claimed that milk yarn has a healing effect on the skin, so it is especially useful for people with allergies and babies. Milk yarn from Viking is available in many fabulous, natural colors, so there is a good opportunity to crochet or knit a pretty blouse for summer or winter, since milk yarn also has a cooling effect when it is hot, just as it warms you when it is cold.

Here at Hobbii, you can also get sock yarn from Viking which provides you with the best conditions to knit fabulous socks, which without a doubt will please the one who receives them. The sock yarn is available in many colors which will feed your imagination. Last, but not least, we also offer sport yarn which is used for knitting woolen sport socks which are very useable. This yarn can also be used for crocheting or knitting mittens, sweaters, cardigans or clothing alike. 

Be inspired by others

Do you wish to see various yarns in use or do you lack further inspiration for the individual patterns? At Hobbii you can see pictures of other customers’ results. Click on the yarn in question and choose “Picture Gallery”. Here you can also upload your own finished projects as inspiration for both us and many others. Heartfelt thanks.

Order Viking yarn online – quick and easy

Here at Hobbii, we strive to be some of the best and the fastest at delivering Viking yarn and yarn supplies. Thus, you always receive your goods no later than 3 weekdays after you placed your order online. We take great pride in having a high standard customer service and you can always call us, if you have any questions regarding some of our products. We always provide you with a full refund on goods ordered via our online shop.

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You are always welcome to contact us, if you have any questions regarding our Viking yarn, or if you need help with ordering. You can contact us via our contact form, and we will answer you as quickly as possible. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a customer.

What our customers say about Viking of Norway

Pat Romeo Boyle

I have been looking for rag type wool for a while and am pleased that this is available. I knit socks for my husband, who is a type 2 diabetic, and he finds the hand knit socks feel better on his feet. These will have the cushion he appreciates and they remind me of the hiking socks we would purchase over 50 years ago from LL Bean in Maine USA.


I am making a sweater for my very fussy husband. He is excited for me to finish because it is such a nice color (540) for him and so smooth on his skin.


Beautiful socks from this yarn. Easy to work with, I bought different colors and they all come out nice.

Sherry Dennis

Very nice yarn, perfect for socks. Very soft, too, not scratchy.

Renee Claude Lessard

The yarn is so soft! The color 571 is GORGEOUS!

Marie Eve

Easy to knit, the wool is soft

Anne Cloward

I love this yarn and have knit socks with it before. The colors draw me in at first. Then when I get to casting on, I am impressed with the strength of the yarn. They wear like iron, which is good, since I am hard on my socks. Definitely a go to sock yarn for me.


Shocking yarn , it kept falling apart as I knitted ..............I tried to re tie and keep knitting but it continued pulling apart as if it were unspun fleece ............

Debra Cursaro

I have made a little beanie for my granddaughter. This yarn is so pretty & works up easily & oh so soft, it also has good stitch defenition


This yarn is so soft, l love it Crochet up beautifully I would buy again,colours are lovely I have made a shawl

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