Svarta Fåret

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Kilimanjaro - Svarta Fåret

Light Worsted, DK70% Cotton, 30% Wool

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Svarta Fåret

What our customers say about Svarta Fåret

Victoria Patnode

This yarn is GREAT! I was a little nervous when they arrived cause they didn't feel soft. Felt similar to normal cottons. But the colors were muted in such a pleasing way I had to give it a shot. I just made a lovely quick work up of a headband and this yarn was great to work with. You have to be careful not to accidentally poke or split the threads which was easy to do, but I chalk that up to my inexperience and my cruddy crochet hook. I have a furls alpha on the way, so I expect working with these will be very pleasing all around soon. Anyways, it has lovely pull to it, a teeny bit of stretch and it pleasant against the skin. I would definitely recommend this yarn to anyone looking to do a small project that would require cotton.

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