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Moonlight - Bumbo

Sport98% Acrylic, 2% Polyamide

$5.50  $8.90
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Soft Merino - Bumbo

Worsted100% Extra Delicate Superwash Merino

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Acrylic 150g - Bumbo

Light Worsted, DK100% acrylic

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Acrylic Print 150g - Bumbo

Light Worsted, DK100% acrylic


Lux - Bumbo

Light Worsted, DK50% Acrylic, 50% Nylon

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Bumbo Air - Bumbo

70% Acrylic, 22% Polyester, 8% Wool

$6.30  $7.49

Bumbo Yarn

The Danish yarn brand Bumbo was introduced in 1993 and has since had its headquarter in the little town of Brønderslev in the northern part of Denmark. Bumbo often delivers yarn to supermarkets, but we are very pleased to collaborate with Bumbo, as they are best known for their high quality yarn at reasonable prices. They produce a wide variety of yarn in acrylic, cotton, cotton blends and in pure virgin wool. Every yarn is made focusing on quality and price, so you can get the best of both. 

The Many Good Qualities of Bumbo Yarn

Bumbo updates their colors several times a year, and they range from classic colors to fashionable it-colors. Bumbo also has a wide selection of popular yarns with beautiful color transitions such as Joy, Acrylic Print and Daylight in 100% acrylic as well as Moonlight which besides acrylic also consists of 2% polyamide.

Acrylic yarn is a synthetic product which has many good qualities. First and foremost, the color fastness is high and it is therefore possible to minimize the risk of the color rubbing off. Acrylic is often praised for also being extremely durable even after machine wash.The yarn can be washed again and again without it affecting color, shape or durability. At the same time, it is also an allergy friendly product, and it is therefore great for everything from clothing for babies, kids and adults to blankets and cushions for the couch.

Please also try Magic Felt yarn which consists of 100% pure wool. If you are looking for other qualities, you can also find Bumbo Golden, which provides your outfit with a touch of extra glamour thanks to a shiny and almost golden look.

Huge Selection of Bumbo Yarn for Knitting and Crochet

At Hobbii we have a huge selection of Bumbo Yarn that is all suitable for both knitting and crochet. You can use the cotton and acrylic yarn for almost any project. However, Bumbo yarn is also great for adding something extra to your project, as there are many unique yarns that are shine or have a metallic thread. These yarns are great to create clothing with a unique look that looks very modern. 

We wish you good luck with your next projects made with Bumbo yarn.

Be inspired by others

Do you wish to see various yarns in use or do you lack further inspiration for the individual patterns? At Hobbii you can see pictures of other customers’ results. Click on the yarn in question and choose “Picture Gallery”. Here you can also upload your own finished projects as inspiration for both us and many others. Heartfelt thanks.

Order Bumbo online – quick and easy

Here at Hobbii, we strive to be some of the best and the fastest at delivering Bumbo yarn and yarn supplies. Thus, you always receive your goods no later than 3 weekdays after you placed your order online. We take great pride in having a high standard customer service and you can always call us, if you have any questions regarding some of our products. We always provide you with a full refund on goods ordered via our online shop.

Contact Hobbii

You are always welcome to contact us, if you have any questions regarding our Bumbo yarn, or if you need help with ordering. You can contact us via our contact form, and we will answer you as quickly as possible. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a customer.

What our customers say about Bumbo

Suzanne Bibby

I love working with Bumbo Moonlight, it is soft and completed projects are so light yet warm and drape beautifully

Evelyn Shannon

At first i was not impressed with this yarn. I had also bought the other shiny bumbo yarn. This yarn did not have the sheen of the other. I was disappointed. I decided to pair it up with some nice cotton yarn and make a hat using a 5.5 mm hook. Omgoodness. I was amazed and impressed. My hook flew through the stitches from the start. This yarn is pure 100 percent top quality. It catches stitches and slides them off like you would on a pair of skates on ice. Beautiful, amazing yarn. I try a lot of yarn, a LOT. This lux yarn is right at the top of my favorite yarn. I hope bumbo starts making it in many more colors. You really must try it yourself to believe it.

Joyce Topping

Ordered some of this yarn and bought it without touching it, which I really like to do when I buy yarn. Was a little nervous doing so, but got some of what I ordered a couple days ago and OH MY GOSH!!! I'm totally IN LOVE with this yarn! I've already started knitting a scarf with some of it and I can't wait to get it all done and start on the next! This yarn is soft and very easy to work with. It knits up beautifully! I had my entire yarn stash stolen out of my garage last month, 4 huge boxes full of all different kinds and colors! So, I'm replenishing my stash slowly but surely and I just love this yarn!!

josephine h ross

A lovely yarn....and as others have stated it's softer/finer than I thought it would. I've been knitting for 64 years and this is the first time I've ever experienced the following, and I found it in at least two different colours.....where there would normally be a knot joining breaks....there is no knot just two ends.occuring at least 3 times in ball I am knitting with now. Very, very weird☹️ I'm knitting dolls and clothes for the my doll's so it's not a huge problem...but I'd be very upset if I were knitting a sweater, scarf etc. Farve 108. Partinr 619537


This yarn is absolutely yummy. I was concerned that the metallic thread would be itchy, but I ordered it anyway. My goodness, I was not disappointed. All my family members have super sensitive skin and don't like things too blingy. This yarn fit the bill. Super soft with just a glow from the metallic thread. It works up easily and doesn't split. I'm making shawls/scarves for my nieces that live in NYC and DC. It will be warm and classy for nights out. I'm so excited to have found Hobbii. I live in the USA and I've gotten bored with local offerings. Thanks hobby

Dawn Uselton

I was gifted 3 balls of this for Mother's Day , my son bought it for me! I picked out the Venus colorway, I love the shifting colors in this yarn! I am teaching myself to knit. I have started on the first ball and love the sparkle that it has! It is not scratchy at all, but very soft and is knitting up unbelievably! I'm making a simple garter stitch shawl and hope to use at least two of the three balls in it. I like really big shawls. The 3rd ball I may crochet into a smaller triangle shawl for a neck wrap. I can't wait to order more in different colors.

Mary Smith

I found the yarn, even though soft was a little too fine for me. I doubled the balls and used a larger hook but found it crocheted up like a dream. Because the wasn't enough to do what I wanted plus the fact it had metallic thread through it my son would've said "he'll NO!". So I used 2 of the colours to make a statement piece, which I will upload a picture of once its fully completed. I love a challenge and the is yarn was certainly that. If I was making a very lacy shawl or wrap this yarn would be ideal.


Many Many thanks for my beautiful yarn which has just arrived, to say I am over the moon with my purchase is an understatement and also thank you for my free gift and the swiftness of posting an arrival of my yarn I can now crochet my shawl to wear at my son's wedding in 3 weeks time...will send you a picture when I have completed the garment, I will continue to purchase from you , your prices are excellent and the array of yarn is endless, again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Regards Susan

Bonnie Pombo

I bought this for 2 reasons. I am a novice crocheted so I am not familiar with yarn weights. So I bought this to see just what fine is. To me it much the same as a thread vs a yarn and so now know. The 2 nd reason was the color gradients. It far surpassed my expectations and now I must search for just the right patter, stash until just the perfect pattern comes along. I am leaning toward dragon scales.

Paula Daniels

I recently ordered and received this yarn. I am currently crocheting a shawl with it. It is my first time working with this yarn weight and it is working up very easy, smoothlyand with no splitting, no knotting. I chose the colorway of Galaxy and it is self striping beautifully. To those who haven't tried this yarn before, I encourage you to try it. Fall in love with it the way I have.

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