Cotton Kings


Fine 100% Cotton

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Yarn information

  • Brand::
    Cotton Kings
  • Content:
    100% cotton
  • Weight:
    200 g (7.1 oz)
  • Yarn Length:
    800 m (875 yds)
  • Yarn Weight:
  • Recommended needles:
    2.5 mm (US 2) - 3.5 mm (US 4)
  • Knitting gauge:
    25 stitches, 34 rows to 10 cm/4"
  • Recommended crochet hook:
    3.5 mm (US E-4) - 4 mm (US G-6)
  • Care instructions:
    Machine wash 30°C (86°F) / Do not tumble dry
  • Hashtag:
Sultan is a brand new and fabulous "cake-yarn" made from 100% soft cotton. This yarn is characterised by 4 thin cotton threads that are not twinned together. Hence, it is perfect for shawls, afghans and scarves, where the long colour changes will come out perfectly.

Cotton Kings Sultan is available in many magnificent colour combinations and is presented in big luscious 200-gram balls with a meterage of approximately 800 metres. Shades 6-10 are the popular tone-on-tone colour changes and they change one thread at a time. Where the hue changes, you will see a tiny knot in one of the 4 twined strands that the yarn consists of. You can choose to ignore it which many crafters choose, or you can pull out a tiny bit of the yarn (the entire twined strand) in order to weave in the end at the back of your work. This spreads out the long colour changes over the 800 metres of thread with a dazzling result, crocheted or knitted alike. The cakes have an unusually pretty colour progression, where the nuances change from light to dark - or the other way around depending on whether you start with the inside or the outside thread. 

Use the Sultan cakes for shawls and summery scarves, allowing the change in nuances to shine, in one long handmade creation. A pretty boléro, a summer dress or a summer top, which will give you a delicate dip dye effect, could also be just the ticket for both adults and children.

It takes about one cake to make one shawl or scarf.
Pro tip: Before you start working the Sultan cake, run all 4 treads through a small bead to help the threads stay together throughout the project.

The yarn is OEKO-TEX® certified (no. 2076-311). Find more information about the certification on the

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This was my very first Hobbii yarn. Generally I use thicker yarns and I have never used a yarn with individual strands before. I was a bit nervous.
I bought Sultan because of the amazing colors. Seeing them in real life, the colors are even better than online! My second thought after the color is that I absolutely love that there is a handy little sticker so you can easily find the center of the yarn. Now that I have used the yarn, it is not as intimidating as I had thought. It took a few stitches to get the hang of the individual strands but it really is not difficult to crochet. I love how soft and drapey this baby blanket is working up. It will be the perfect weight for an August baby!
I see many more skeins of Sultan in my future!


Oh my goodness the hype is RIGHT. I finally gave in and splurged on some Hobbii yarn and bought almost exclusively this yarn and I am NOT disappointed. It works up so beautifully and I’ve finished through one cake so far and there wasn’t a single imperfection in it. It’s so soft and squishy when it’s crocheted into a blanket and I cannot wait to have it finished! The only thing I’d like is for the colors within the cake to be named so it’s easy to find coordinating cakes to go with it, but as is it’s my favorite yarn now. I’m gonna need someone to take my credit card away so I don’t buy more until I’ve used up what I have!!


I was a little bit hesitant at first, to try this yarn. My hesitancy was due to the fact that it was comprised of 4 threads that were not twisted together like most yarns. I was afraid of frustration due to splitting. However...I am SO glad I bought this...I am loving how it's working up and it isn't nearly as fearsome as I'd thought! Wonderful product, and beautiful result! My daughter LOVES the table runner I am making with it for her dressing table. I also really love that Hobbii yarns have the easy start tabs, this makes it so easy to start a project without the frustration or mess of digging for the start. Thank You Hobbii!!!


The gradients are soft and beautiful, and the yarn has been very easy to work with. I've tried other untwisted yarns where one of the strands will get longer and longer than the others; to where you have a loop hanging off your working thread, and either have to keep moving and untangling it or cut the yarn, trim the strand and reattach. This yarn has not had that problem and all the strands have stayed the same length, which is much less frustrating!

It takes a little more care to make sure you don't miss one of the strands when working, but it isn't difficult and it's very satisfying to watch the colors slowly change.


I was intimidated by the 4-thread construction, but compared to the dollar store cotton yarn I've used before, this one was a treat. I almost exclusively use mercerized cotton because i hate the splitting of cotton yarn, but this one splits less than a non-mercerized cotton (I used a bead to gather the strands). Takes a few rows to get used to it and I did work more carefully to ensure I picked up all four threads, but the yarn didn't give me trouble or frustrate me while using. With these gradients and color options, it is worth the small learning curve and marginally slower pace for the end result!

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