Wooden Darning egg

Wooden Darning egg

The darning egg is a really pretty tool which makes it easier to repair socks- The darning egg is placed on the inside of the sock to ensure that it will stay outstretched while you darn your sock.

Material: wood

Diameter: approx. 21.65 inches (55 mm)

Height: approx. 41.34 inches (105 mm)


I'm currently experimenting with visible darning and have been using a small embroidery hoop for some projects, but that won't work for everything. The mushroom makes it much easier for me than using a darning egg or just my hand. I can using on or off the stick. And it is cute.


I just received this darning tool and am looking forward to reinforcing some of my favorite socks. Besides being a useful tool, it is just too cute!

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