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Here you get KnitPro’s smart toy which helps you keep track of how many rows you have knitted or crocheted. A beautiful ring, made of stainless steel in hypoallergenic material that easily keeps track of your rows. With this ring you do not have to have another tool next to your knitwear. The ring is placed right on your finger and you do not have to search for the row counter every time you need it.

KnitPro recommends you to wear it on your index finger or your thumb. Press the disc toward the center for it to easily rotate.


O755 1/417 1/41415 1/4
Q857 3/4181617 3/4
R 3/49-1918-


I picked up one of these on a lark as an expensive test gift for myself. Normally I misplace my row counter everywhere, or can't see it, or forget to use it period. I'm just not that together when it comes to that sort of thing.

So, I got one of these cool row counting rings big enough to go on my thumb!!! I wear it on my left thumb as I work so I can clearly see the number. Saves time, saves frustration - it's AMAZING!

The number bezels move very smoothly and click in to place, so there's no accidental movement to loose or gain rows in the count. It looks pretty darn sharp when worn too! It is very comfortable and well made too, feels great on without any sharp spots and is obviously a good quality ring.

I don't think I will ever need another row counter- this works super well for me.


Love having it on my finger so I'm not dropping or misplacing my other counters. It is stiff initially but VERY easy to use.


This is my favourite counter. I bought a larger size and wear it on my thumb. A very robust ring.

Lana Hewitt

This is super handy and easy to use.

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