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Scarf, Blanket & Cuddle Cloth - Pattern Kit (Knitting)

Gorgeous and brand-new pattern kit from Go Handmade.

With this pattern kit you get:

- Pattern for Blanket, Scarf and Cuddle Cloth

Yarn is not included. You need to purchase the yarn separately.

See yarn usage below:

Blanket (100 x 100 cm)

450 grams Soft Bamboo Fine (9 balls)

Scarf (70 x 80 cm)

250 grams Soft Bamboo Fine (5 balls)

Cuddle Cloth (28 x 28 cm)

50 grams Soft Bamboo Fine (1 ball)

You may choose the colors for the pattern yourself.

P.s.The patterns are available in 7 languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, English, French and Spanish.


I like this pattern, It looks like it would make a very warm blanket.

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