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Metal Stitch Markers - 100 pcs. - Metallic

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This product can only be purchased with points
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A cute little box, full of stitch markers in three different metallic colours - gold, silver, and black. The box is made of gold-coloured metal and has a little window in the lid. Inside, you will find 100 lockable stitch markers - also made of metal. The colours go well with most things, so you should be able to find one that matches your project ;)

The markers fit needles and hooks up to 8mm/L.

Material: Brass
Size of stitch markers: 2,2 x 1 cm
Size of box: Ø6,8 cm
Number: 100 stk.
Colours: Gold, silver, and black


I bought similar stitch markers off of Amazon that contained a mix of painted and unpainted ones. The one thing I hated about them is that the painted ones weren't painted very well and it would drag against the yarn if I had to slip it through a stitch. Some of the pins had rough tips, too.

These markers came in unpainted silver tone, unpainted gold tone, and painted almost black. The painted ones were painted much better than the ones I received off of Amazon, and the tips are much smoother. The metal container is also really nice. The lid closes securely and easily slides off, but I worry that it will loosen up over time.

I'll definitely get more of these when I get enough points!

Johanie hobbi

Good stitches marker with great solid container

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