Hobbii Hard Candy

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This product can only be purchased with points
Read about the Point Store here
This product can only be purchased with points
Read about the Point Store here

They have arrived! 🎉

Now you can finally get your hands on our popular and super delicious Hobbii hard candy.

We have received a lot of inquiries about them because you love them so much. If you collect points, you can now use them to order a portion of sweets for the whole family.

The hard candy is sweet, red and has a wonderful cherry flavor. They are enjoyed best while knitting or crocheting, or with a cup of coffee or tea. The bag is only available in our points shop and it is unfortunately not possible to buy them in any other way.

Sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, flavoring, black carrot concentrate, fruit juice concentrate (0.1%) from apple, orange, apricot, peach, kiwi, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, black currant, lemon, strawberry, lime.


I am so happy with these candies. Usually I gave one to my daughter, it was a little bonus for her. For me - yarns, for her candy. She is 5, and once she dropped the candy from her mouth. She was really upset. And now I have plenty of these candies at home. We are all happy! Thank you, hobbii!


These candies are my lifesaver. My daughter is preparing for school and now attend a summer camp. Every day I give her 1 candy and she said: heart means love, you love me. And go to activity with pleasure. Thank you, hobbii, for these amazing, delicious candies.


I received my first Hobbii order yesterday and along with it two pieces of these candies! I can't wait to get enough points to get a whole bag of them! They are such a delicious fruity treat!

Emma L

I love these delicious candies so much and look forward to getting one in my order. Now I can enjoy them whenever I work on my current crochet project!


i thought these were ligonberry when i first ate them which i thought was delicious im quite suprised to find out they are cherry couldnt get enough

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