Nova Cubics Interchangeable Circular Needles Set - Deluxe


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KnitPro Nova Cubics Interchangeable Circular Needles Set - Deluxe

KnitPro Nova Cubics Knot Set Deluxe is a complete set of 7 different square circles in the most commonly used sizes: 4-8 mm. The square shape of the needles makes them easy to hold and are less fatiguing to hands and fingers. The unique ergonomic shape makes them a joy to knit with, why these needles are especially recommended if you suffer from arthritis or have weak wrists.

With the Nova Cubics series you get the best of both worlds: the strength and smooth surface of the brass, as well as the square shape that makes the knitting needles easy to hold.

The kit comes in a practical zipper and transparent front cover. There are holders for all 7 pairs of circular needles, as well as a room for storage for the cables in the back. 

The kit contains:

7 pairs of interchangeable circular needles

Sizes: 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 mm

4 cables (1x60 cm, 2x80 cm, 1x100 cm)

8 stoppers

4 cable keys

1 set of cable transitions


I absolutely love these needles , the length and points of the needles plus the square shape make knitting so much more comfortable. I also appreciate the different colored cords which I have not seen before. They come in a very nice zippered case with fabric as well as plastic and it has a nice amount of storage for extra tips and cords. I would highly recommend these to all, but especially to anyone who has trouble knitting because of hand pain.


I am so happy that I bought these! I have a problem with arthritic fingers and after some online research suggested that I try these I decided to buy a set. They are really comfortable to use, very light and easy to hold. The interchangeable feature works well. The pouch they come in is very neat and roomy enough to add a little extra. I am very happy to recommend them.

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