Magnetic Board for Patterns

If you often make use of patterns for your handicraft, then this magnetic board from Prym is a really useful tool to keep an overview of your projects. You place your pattern on the magnetic board and simply use two magnetic 6.3 inches (16 cm) rulers to keep track of how far you have come. Easy-peasy!

To your advantage you can combine it with this magnetic folding stand so your handiwork is at eye level:

Measurements: 7.9 x 11.7 inches (20 x 29.7 cm)


Love this metal stand with magnets. I use an adjustable cookbook stand to hold it upright for ease of use. Must have for any crafter. Well made product at a reasonable price. You won’t regret buying this tool.


So glad I went ahead and ordered this! Makes going by a pattern so easy. The magnets stay in place and help me to know where I am in the pattern! Great product!

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