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Metallic Thread

55% Metallic, 45% Polyamide

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Yarn information

  • Brand::
  • Content:
    55% metallic, 45% polyamide
  • Yarn Length:
    1000 m (1094 yds)
  • Care instructions:
    Hand-wash cycle at 86℉ (30°C)
  • Hashtag:

If you want a party – then let there be a party!

With this great sewing-thread-thin metallic thread, you can spice up your crocheting and knitting with pretty sparkling effects. You use the thread such that you knit the metal thread with any which other yarn you are using and thus add a festive effect to your project!

When you need to get a hold of the thread, carefully open the top of the spool (see photo) and a small groove will appear. When you need to take a break from your work, wind the thread around the groove a couple of times before you press down the top to “lock” the thread.

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This is top-quality 40-wt metallic thread, suitable for use in sewing and also as an enhancement to a crocheted or knitted project. I wound it together with a skein of non-metallic yarn. They did not twist together, so I needed to crochet more slowly and be alert for any dropped thread in the stitches. Ripping out stitches is tedious. Untangling the yarn is like untangling a spider web, so it's best to work slowly. When winding a cake of yarn plus this thread, place the thread spool in a horizontal position (I used a small jar to hold it) to let it come off the spool normally. A vertical position will definitely cause twisting and kinking. There were no knots or breaks in the thread.


This thread is perfect as a carry-along strand when you want to add beautiful sparkle to your project. It creates a lovely effect and I love that it comes in such a wide variety of colors as you are certain to find a color to match, contrast, or simply add pop to your project. The generous yardage is fantastic too as normally I would have to buy up to 10 spools of metallic sewing thread, each at the same cost as 1 spool of this thread, to add the sparkle to a project. Thank you for offering such a great product at a great price!


I purchased Gold Dust (324) and Peacock (370) and am thrilled with both. I'm using them to ply with handspun wool yarn to add texture and sparkle, which is working great! The colors in the photos are true to life and The price is fantastic given the yardage and the range of colors means I'll definitely be purchasing again.


This is so fun to pair with other yarns and add to projects. Very metallic and lightweight and easy to work with. Great amount of yardage for the price.


Got the multi colour, it looks great

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