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Lucky Bag with Acrylic - 500 g

$14.99  From $14.99

This exciting grab bag has 500 g of mixed acrylic yarn. Color, brand, and skein size are all mixed together. The only thing you are sure of is that you will get 500 g nice acrylic yarn. Will you take the chance and find out what will be in your grab bag?

Good luck with your order! 😊

PLEASE NOTE: this bag may contain both 100% acrylic yarns and yarns from mixed materials.


I bought two of these assorments so I could keep one for myself and put the other in a fundraising raffle basket I am making. However, now I need to decide which assortment I want! One had all different yarns, and the other had several skeins of the same yarn, same color, so enough to really make something. Good assortments, good price, with a bonus tote bag.

Roseanne Salyer

I am so in love with the mystery yarn I got, I can't wait until they are back in stock. Three of them were one company and # 2 yarn. Not my favorite, but I will find something to crochet-they are so beautiful. There were six balls. I love them all and the bag they came in, too. Thank you. This is the best mystery yarn I have ever bought.

Janice Connell

Ordered two acrylic mystery bags and I am so pleased with the assortment received. I have ordered mystery bags from other companies and I have always been disappointed. Hobbii sends matching yarns and enough to make something. I will be buying more when available.....Hobbii. DHL👍


Lived the selection in the mystery bag.. I was kinda afraid of what I would get but the yarn is beautiful and soft and definitely worth more then priced. So the bag that it comes in is well made and sturdy. If you like to get surprise mail this is the the the deal for you!

Victoria Patnode

I LOVE these grab bags. I've officially purchased four of them now and every one of them was filled with great yarn. Lovely varied selections and lots of my favorite Tivoli! I was also lucky enough to get some Malaga and GORGEOUS sold out Manarola skeins. Very happy!!

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Hashtag #hobbiiluckybagacrylic

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