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PLEASE NOTE! This product is being discontinued and we are clearing out the stock. Get yours before it's too late!

Our original knitting pillow was so well received that we have expanded our assortment with this Deluxe version as well as a Basic version (the link to the Basic version can be found further up on the page above this text).

This pillow has a fantastic shape and is the perfect mix of soft and firm. There are many ways to use it: it supports a sore back, works as an armrest if you place it upside-down on your lap, or as a pillow for when you need a little nap.

The pillow is stuffed with kapok, that adjusts perfectly to your body.

Some of us here at that office use the pillow during the workday, when our backs have become a little sore and need some support. It really is the perfect pillow for knitting, but also during the weekdays, when our bodies need a helping hand.

If you have not heard of kapok yet, then I will gladly introduce you to it here, because kapok is a delightful, environmentally friendly product.

The kapok fibers originate from both South America, Africa, and Asia. Kapok is said to be CO2 neutral, since the trees absorb more CO2 than what is used in the transporting of the fibers from the forest to the user.

The pillow comes in a basic version, which is filled with polyester fibers and a deluxe version, which is filled with kapok.

The pillows are produced in a Danish sewing factory in Vietnam, where great attention is paid to the quality of the products as well as providing good working conditions for the employees.

Try the pillow and be completely won over by the fantastic properties of kapok, and simultaneously gain a better posture whilst you sit with your work or read a book.


Pillow case: 100% Cotton
Filling: Kapok

Dimensions (Large): approx. 65 x 19 cm (25.6” x 7.5”)
Dimensions (Medium): approx. 50 x 18.5 cm (19.7” x 7.3”) 

We recommend to remove stains with a warm wet cloth and some mild soap.


I have severe back problems and always have to have a pillow when I sit. Before getting this one it took two small pillows. This one pillow is sturdy, fits the small of my back and gives me the support I need. I will be taking it on trips too. Came in a nice bag I use for yarn for new project!!!


I love this pillow! I bought the other one first and it is lovely and is softer. My hubby loved it for behind his back so much I decided to buy another. This time I ordered this pillow with kapok. It might even be a little too hard but I'm sure over time it will be great!


This is the BEST pillow for your back when doing any type of crafts (crochet, sewing, knitting, etc.). I highly recommend this pillow to anyone who just wants a little extra back support when crafting.


This pillow, placed behind my back, used with the crochet pillow placed across my lap, has allowed me to crochet comfortably, without shoulder pain. Best investment I have made in my craft.


Did not know I needed this until I bought it. No more back or neck pain, because the pillow guides me into a better position. So many different ways to use it - I may need to get a few more!

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