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Smart Stix Limited Edition Set - KnitPro

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Karbonz Starter - Interchangeable Circular Needles - KnitPro

KnitPro Karbonz Starter Kit - Interchangeable Circular Needles come in 4 popular sizes from 3-4.5mm.


Karbonz Deluxe Circular Needles Set - KnitPro

A revolutionary set from KnitPro's Karbonz series with circular carbon fiber needles


Hobbii is your choice of reseller of knitting needles for any kind of project. We have a great selection of knitting needles in different sizes for every taste. At any time you will find our webshop well stocked with a wide variety of high quality knitting needles. Are you already a knitter, or maybe you dream of becoming one? Then we have the right knitting needles for you!

We have everything for your knitting project

Knitting is an old craft, and it is as good as it has always been. At Hobbii you will find everything you need to get started. Just some of the things we have are:

  • Knitting needles that will stand up to many hours of use 

  • Knitting needles in many different shapes and sizes

  • Knitting needles for the customer who demands quality

  • Knitting needles at the lowest price

  • Cotton, acrylic and wool yarns

  • Many different weights of yarn

  • Catalogues and books with knitting patterns

Order your knitting needles today

You can see our entire selection of knitting needles on this page, as well as find all the specifications for the different knitting needles. Place your order today and you will be ready to start knitting in a couple of days. You will also discover a great variety of knitting yarns in our webshop. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service via this link, if you need any help or guidance.

What our customers say about Knitting Needles


I gave up knitting quite a few years ago because of repetitive work injury in my arms and hands. I ordered a set of these on the Black Friday sale and wow! I have knit for hours 3 days in a row zero pain! I swear these are the Ferrari of knitting needles! The cable is flexible and 'soft'. I have a teeny burr that is catching my yarn where the cable joins but it doesn't snag it I can just feel it, if that makes sense.


Wow what wonderful circular knitting needles so glad I purchased them and I can’t wait to start using them.


These are good but the case is a bit week as with the knitting needles being so heavy.. I usually buy plastic as they are easier on the hands and wrists. Hopefully you will make a plastic set. The needles are great being colour coded and it's so easy to find what needles you are looking for and have them all together. Thanks Sandra. 😀


I bought a set of these on a whim, but ended up really enjoying the heck out of them! The plated tips make them excellent for those more sticky types of yarn, and the carbon fiber shafts are pleasant on the hands with a tiny bit of flex, but a little harder than wood. They warm up nicely, unlike all metal needles, and slide along very well. I admit, I also just love the look of the needles, since I'm a fan of carbon fiber and shiny silver. Very pleased to have them in my knitting gear collection!

Shirley Boyer

I was like a child being so excited to open the parcel! After ooh-ing and arh-ing over the case, I immediately transferred the scarf I am knitting onto the bamboo needles. I have some bamboo needles and love them. But I have not been happy with circular needles! The joining cord has always been a struggle to use, too stiff and twisty. I am now in Heaven...the cords with these needles are so soft with no twisting at all! I highly recommend the investment with these needles!

Laura Lake

I was skeptical that anything could be done to make a knitting needle more friendly for my sore hands: i was wrong! The funny , knobby tips are no problem, they get right into the stitches. I imagine a lace knitter would not care for them, but for regular gauge knitting they are superb. Excellent, smooth joins at the cable, as well. I only wish there were a shorter length, for hats and necklines. Highly recommended!


I have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis in my hands and find knitting with conventional circular needles difficult. The prym ergonomic circular needles are so much easier to use due to their triangular shape and the steel cable doesn’t twist and turn like traditional circular needles. I love working with them. What a wonderful product.

Jennifer Hamilton

I ordered this set because I can finally knit with dpn's and not have ladders form. I love these needles - they feel substantial, but are not too heavy. The tips are well formed and the yarn slides over the needles nicely. I've used them with both cotton and wool and was quite happy with them. I will order more.


I received my set yesterday, and switched my project form regular aluminum needles to these ones. Oh, my God, what a difference! Needles are so light and smooth, and very pleasant to hold. I'm making a scarf from Cotton Kings Twirls, using 3mm needles. I'm very impressed and very happy. Thank you Hobbii!

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