Nova Cubics Circular Needles

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Square knitting needles like Nova Cubic circular needles are ideal for all knitters, as they are easy to hold and are less fatiguing in hands and fingers. For this reason, they are also quite recommendable if you have arthritis or weak wrists.

With the Nova Cubics series you get the best of both worlds: the strength and smooth surface of the brass, as well as the square shape that makes the knitting needles easy to hold.

The studs are available in five different lengths: 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm, and in sizes from 2.5-8 mm, needless to say, finding just the round needle you are looking for should be no problem.

Carla Lynn Johnson

I’m giving this Needles 5 stars 🌟 because of how smooth they are to work with. I purchased 40cm they kinda fall short of a full 16 inches that I need for my hats, but I can deal with that.

When working with them they were really smooth makes knitting faster for me.
I’m waiting for the other sets I ordered I really like these and your prices are too good to not buy them
Thank You Hobbii Yarns💙🦋

Linda Schulte

I recently bought 8 sets of 2 for each of my favorite sizes. I am thrilled with them! I have broken so many of my favorite cubics (broke or they came apart). I was afraid the metal would be hard on my arthritic hands.
Nope! I can knit for hours and my hands are fine.
I’m sure glad I found “Hobbii”! And I love your sales.

Carla Lynn Johnson

Incredible needles! They make knitting so much easier the stitches are secured in place and don’t easily drop off the needles! I purchased quite a few of them in various cable lengths to accommodate my works🧶🤗🌹
The prices are fantastic Thank You🌹


Best Circular Needles 10/10
These are the best circular knitting needles I have ever used. The cords are very flexible. The yarn doesn’t get snagged anywhere. The yarn glides easy.

Szeto B

Super light. Glides so smoothly that after a while you forget that you are actually holding square needles! A delight to knit with :)

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