Basix Birch straight/single point Needles

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Straight/single point needles in birch wood from KnitPro's Basix Birch series. The needles display the natural properties of birch, strength as well as the beautiful, the bright color of the birch tree.

Birch straight/single point needles are ideal for thicker yarns, as they slide more easily through the stitches without tangling the yarn. The needles are available in four lengths: 25cm (10"), 30 cm (12"), 35(14") and 40cm (16"), and in a wide range of sizes from 4-25 mm/ US 6-50 , in other words -  there are needles for any project.

The pleasant natural material that is both light and strong, make the needles comfortable to use, thus enabling you to knit for hours without aching hands and fingers.

Ms Gloria Darvell

We don't have the extra long needles here in OZ. Extra long means I can tuck the left handed needles next to my elbow. Makes knitting bulky yarns much easier.

Ruth Ann Turner

Awesome, Beautiful, perfect !!!

Marilyn Noah

I have been very happy with these needles. They are easy to hold and the cotton 8/8 thread slides very nicely

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