Basix Aluminium Circular Needles

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High Quality Aluminum Circular Needles from KnitPro's Basix Aluminum Series. 

The cable transitions are smooth so the masks slide effortlessly over the pins without sticking at the junctions from pins to cable. In addition, the cables are flexible and resilient so they can easily fold together without risk of cracking.

The needles combine the two best qualities of aluminium, namely its strength and ease. The strong material provides a strong and durable product. The light weight ensures that the pins are comfortable to work with and that you will be able to knit for several hours without getting sore hands and fingers.

The needles are available in five different lengths: 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 cm, and in sizes from 2-6 mm.

Bernie Szeto

This was actually my second choice. I was looking at Nova Cubics but the size I wanted was sold out. No regrets though. The needles are light and glide easily through the yarn. Most importantly, it didn't split the yarn. Definitely value for money.

Madison Snyder

Super easy to use once you get the hang of it, nice size and packaged awesomely, has that beautiful click to it that you get once you get in a rhythm that everyone loves so much, 10/10 would get again

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