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Do you also have the challenge of finding a good way of storing your pattern whilst knitting or crocheting? Have you experienced the pattern folding or getting crumpled when its loose in your project bag and that it even falls out of the bag?

That’s not acceptable! For without the pattern, there aren’t any knitted or crocheted delights. But we have a super practical and pretty solution for you who have had these challenges.

You can now get our very own pattern holder in two neutral colors. It can be folded up and your loose pattern can be secured with strong magnets. If you need to follow certain steps in the pattern one-by-one and want to mark how far in the pattern you have reached, or if you need to keep track of a diagram, then there is a very long magnet that comes along with the holder, which you can use to help you.

The pattern holder has a pocket, where you can store other patterns (because let’s be honest, very few of us are monogamous knitters/crocheters). A needle gauge can also be stored in the pocket.

The pattern holder comes in two different colors.

If you need a larger pattern holder, then you can find it by clicking on the link above this text.

A beautiful pattern holder for you, who wants to keep track of your pattern whilst you are working on it.

Materials: Polyester & canvas
Size: 19 x 1,5 x 22 cm (7.5 x 0.6 x 8.7 inches)


Super cute, pleasant, and a great price point!!!

I love using my pattern holder! It makes things so much easier to keep track of lines and the pattern itself. The light gray is a pleasant color and it is very easy to use. The magnets are strong and work wonderfully to hold even multiple pages in as well!

The only suggestion- get a large one too for bigger patterns. ;) It's on my wishlist!


This is once again a great Hobbii product. It is great quality, sturdy and well designed with magnets and a packet, and a size that is great for travel and "on the go" knitting and crochet. I bought the large one also which I am using now and love it. I can follow the lines of the pattern easily, and come back to where I left off.

Cannot recommend highly enough


This was delivered this afternoon and it’s in use tonight. I have the larger size which I love and this size is smaller and I think it will be perfect for travel. It’s the type of product you see and think how cool is that? The magnets really hold and keep your place. I just plain old love this product.


I love how this looks. The magnets make sure your pattern keeps in place and the large magnet helps you see where you are. Nice and sturdy, fits in my WIP bags. This is great.


Great little pattern holder which keeps the pattern in good shape when going in the project bag, and can be buckled once opened so that it sits like a stand making it easy to view and check the pattern as you go. Magnets are strong but not too strong (if that makes sense) and there is a pocket where I keep my sachet of stitch holders. Would be just perfect if it was a zipped pocket rather than just a single button holding the flap down.

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