Knitting Pillow Basic


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PLEASE NOTE! This product is being discontinued and we are clearing out the stock. Get yours before it's too late!

Our original knitting pillow was so well received that we have expanded our assortment with this improved version as well as a Deluxe version (the link to the Deluxe version can be found further up on the page above this text).

This pillow has a fantastic shape and is the perfect mix of soft and firm. There are many ways to use it: it supports a sore back, works as an armrest if you place it upside-down on your lap, or as a pillow for when you need a little nap.

The pillow is stuffed with polyester filling, that adjusts perfectly to your body.

Some of us here at that office use the pillow during the workday, when our backs have become a little sore and need some support. It really is the perfect pillow for knitting, but also during the weekdays, when our bodies need a helping hand.

Get a better posture with our knitting pillow, whilst you are knitting, crocheting, embroidering, or reading a book.

The pillow comes in a basic version with a polyester filling as well as a deluxe version with a kapok filling.

The pillows are produced in a Danish sewing room in Vietnam, where great emphasis is placed on the quality of the products as well as great working conditions for the employees.

Cover: 80% acrylic, 20% cotton fabric
Filling: polyester

Medium: approx. 52 x 18 cm (20.5" x 7.1")
Large: approx. 65 x 18 cm (25.6" x 7.1")

We recommend to remove stains with a warm wet cloth and some mild soap.


This pillow is so comfortable, I use it all the time on the couch, even when I am not knitting. It has replaced all the cushions I used to use and I no longer spend forever arranging cushions to try and be comfortable while I knit. It doesn't matter how I sit on the sofa, it always supports the back well and feels good. I have back pain and it has really helped with this too.


I bought this one and the Deluxe one filled with kapox. This pillow is softer and offers lighter support for the back or in the lap. The Deluxe is firmer, definitely. I wrote a review on each pillow and referenced the other so ppl will have a better idea if what they are buying.


I am so happy with this pillow! The fabric is sturdy but soft, and the pillow itself is soft. I like how the sides come out also. Perfect for knitting and crochet, and everything else. Very glad I purchased this. I plan on getting the deluxe to try out also.


I LOVE this pillow. It is so versatile. I took it to a local Knitters Day Out and used it with a folding chair. After 8 hours I didn’t have any back pains. I will be buying another to use for my lap.


Best cushion ever! I put it on my chair and its perfect. Just the right amount of cushioning in just the right places. Very comfortable

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