Interchangeable Tunesian Crochet Hooks

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Seeknit’s interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks are made from a very hard type of Japanese bamboo. They have an amazing grip, feel soft, and weigh almost nothing.

With these interchangeable crochet hooks it’ll be much easier to crochet larger projects, since the project can just rest on the cable instead of on the needle itself. Do your wrists a favor and get a pleasant experience and try these beautiful Japanese Tunisian crochet hooks. Of course, Seeknit has added a rotating joint in the hook, so your project won’t get twisted. Japanese design at its best. 

Make sure to buy the proper cable for your hook, since these are not included in the package: 

  • M2 wire fits Seeknit interchangeable hooks sizes 3,5 mm - 5 mm
  • M4 wire fits Seeknit interchangeable hooks sizes 5,5 mm - 10 mm

Material: Bamboo
Length: 14 cm

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