Lopi Wool Soap – 16 fl. oz. (500 ml)

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When washing your clothes knitted in Léttlopi, we recommend you to use Lopi Wool Soap and Lopi Wool Softener, since these products provide the best care for your knitted clothes.

If you hand-wash your clothes, use lukewarm water at max. 86℉ (30°C). You should use approx. 2 caps of soap per 169 fl. oz. (5 L) of water. Let the clothes rest for 10-15 minutes and wash it very carefully. Avoid twisting or rubbing the clothes. Rinse until the water is completely clean and free from soap and carefully squeeze out excess water  – remember not to twist. Hereafter, you can treat the clothes with Lopi Wool Softener to increase the care for your knitted clothes.

If you are machine washing your clothes on a wool program, then wash it at max. 86℉ (30°C) and add 5 caps (approx.2.5 fl. oz. / 75 ml ) per 8.8-11 lb. (4-5 kg) of clothing.

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