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Digital Row Counter


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With this popular digital row counter, you can keep track of how far you've come or how much you're missing.

The digital row counter can easily be tucked around your finger and allows you to count without having to put away your knit or crochet. An indispensable tool for those who love to knit or crochet.

When you turn off the digital row counter, remember the last entry.

Comes in assorted colors.

The digital row counter is also available in an LED version with light on the screen. See it here.


I am one of those people who has a hard time remembering to use my row counter, or if I have the row counter on the needles, I still forget to use it! These row counters are so easy to use, wear them like a ring and you tap the button with your thumb when you've reached the end of the row or round. A WONDERFUL row counter for a very forgetful individual.


I am very happy with this product. It is simple and easy to use, but very helpful when working on small projects, especially amigurumi. I will be ordering more next time I shop, as I think this will make an excellent gift for other crocheters/knitters.


I’ve always wanted a row counter and finally got one! It’s a handy little tool that goes on your index finger. I use it while crocheting amigurumis. So happy to finally have one!

JoAnn Gosnell

I love this row counter. I wear it on my right index finger and it’s right there when I finish a round or row. Love it so much, it’s my goto gift.


This was a little surprise in with my package of yarn. So easy to use and it is indispensable when I am knitting most projects.

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