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Fur Lux

Worsted 100% Polyester

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Yarn information

  • Brand::
    Go Handmade
  • Content:
    100% polyester
  • Weight:
    50 g (1.8 oz)
  • Yarn Length:
    27 m (30 yds)
  • Yarn Weight:
  • Recommended needles:
    6 - 7 mm (US 10 - 10.5)
  • Knitting gauge:
    12 stitches to 10 cm
  • Care instructions:
    Machine wash 40°C (104°F) / Do not tumble dry

Go Handmade’s Fur Lux is a premium fur yarn

Fur Lux is guaranteed one of the softest and most realistic fur effect yarns on the market. A thick yarn which works up quickly. As with all fluffy yarns, you have to stay focused and count the stitches since the stitches in fur yarn are not easy to see. However, this also means that mistakes are not easy to spot either.

Fur Lux - a luxurious yarn at its best

The yarn is not only an exquisite quality product, it is also AZO certified, and thus a yarn that everyone can use with confidence.
An AZO certificate documents that the yarn has been through a lot of tests and meets the requirements in accordance to existing European law.

The yarn is OEKO-TEX® certified (no. 22.HCN.95901). Find more information about the certification at the https://www.oeko-tex.com/en/

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bev Schwedes

I just love the Fur Lux Yarn , of all the yarn I have ever used in my life time [ and I'm 76] it would have to be the best of all . As for the curved needle it is a gem. I am going to buy more of the yarn and use it to knit teddy bears I intend giving the curved needle to my knitting friends in a Christmas card at Christmas, I know I would think " wow" and hope they will too


I've been trying out different fuzzy/furry yarns and this has got to take the cake. By far the softest one I've found. Perfect to make stuffed animals or maybe a faux fur scarf. Be aware though that it's difficult to see and count stitches with this type of yarn, so I'd only recommend it for the experienced crafter.


oh gosh this yarn is very beautiful i made a wrap for the gift i got my mom with pink and grey i made 3 whole squares and two half squares and then i sewed on a zipper its the cutest think so i totaly would buy this again DONT BUY WRAPPING PAPER MAKE YOUR OWN HAHAHA


Soft and fur-like and gives a great teddy-bear like texture. It is a bit tricky to knit and I had to go more by feel than anything, however it is well worth it since it looks and feels amazing. You go through a lot of yarn when knitting.


I love this yarn so much. Everything that I make is so beautiful and SOFT!!! The yarn is a little slippery when crocheting with it, which didn’t bother me. You really just have to feel around for the stitches.

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