Stitch Markers - 25 pcs.

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25 pcs. stitch markers in good soft plastic. The stitch markers are great to use when, for example, you wanna mark in or outs, patterns, or simply mark where the round begins.

The markers' tips are rounded so they won't do any harm and will fit both thin and normal knitting yarns.

Comes in assorted colors.

Yvonne Tolentino

Received my stitch markers and started using them immediately on one of my many projects. I must say that these markers are great. They are soft and not hard to open/close. With the ones I already have, I would have to put my hook down to place the marker and close it. I found that I didn't have to with these markers. I had full control of my work, the hook and marker. I say this because I have arthritis in my knuckles. I also like the colors. I threw away some stitch markers I had because they kept breaking and closing/opening them was a bit much.


Such bright, great-sized stitch markers! The ones I have are always too large and all the same color. These are just right for either slipping on my needles or holding a dropped stitch until I can get to it, or marking where a YO, increase, cable, etc., goes. Also, these little helpers are so easy to find among my knitting! Thanks, Hobbii, for such a useful gift with my purchase of your beautiful hooks!


I had been using safety pins as markers - which worked fine - but I had no idea how much easier these would be to put in and out of my crocheted fabric while working! I also love there are several colors because the occasional project has unique ends so I can mark that too. My 12yo daughter also loves to use them.

Dorothy Bush

Love my stitch markers. Pretty colours and I'm glad there were 25 cause I promptly lost one in the chair somewhere. A free gift with my purchase and I appreciate it Hobbi. Thank you!


I received these as a gift with purchase. They are great and easy to work with. It is always good to have extras since I lose so many lol. Thanks Hobbii!!

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