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New and improved version with longer battery life.

This Neck Light Deluxe is the perfect light for those who would like to knit and crochet in good lighting. The neck light is worn around your neck so your hands are free to knit, read etc.

The two ends of the light have LED bulbs that may be lit simultaneously or individually. The two bulbs can be moved around and customized independently, so you may shed light on several elements at a time e.g. knitwear as well as pattern.

The neck light is available in two sizes: 60 cm and 73 cm. If you prefer to knit/crochet close to your chin, choose the small one of 60 cm. If you prefer to work further away from your face, choose the large one of 73 cm.

Please note that you need 2 AA batteries to operate the light. These are not included.

Lynda Nelson

I now live with my son and daughter in law and spend a lot of my evenings in my room to give them some privacy.
This neck light is a blessing for my tired old eyes which as I grow older seem to need more light to see by. Now I don't have to give up my nightly crocheting. I am so pleased to have found it. At 72, I still have a lot of crocheting to do. LOL


I am delighted with this product. It is manoeuvrable and provides that extra illumination for craft and reading without disturbing others in low light situations. I have also used it instead of a torch to keep my hands free, when taking the dog out on a lead at night. It provides for extra safety and visibility : D


LOVE the neck light! I bought both sizes as I couldn't figure out if I was a near or far crocheter, lol. Now I know I'm a blind crocheter - all the mistakes I made are showing up with the lights and I'm frogging my current WIP! Thank you for taking me to the next level of my practice!


Very happy with the Neck Light Deluxe. Great illumination on my work without any glare. I like that I can direct the light to suit my needs. Sits nicely around my neck, is not uncomfortable at all. The head light I was using has now been banished!


This is an awesome product. I LOVE it. If you like to knit/crochet at night, or if you have a dark, dreary day for crocheting, this product is the best. It gives you all the light you need so that you aren't straining to see your WIP.

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